Grumble handoff is planned for this Sun 2/16/2020


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Mike will be in charge of theG by the evening of 2/16/2020. Please be kind, he will be in a steep learning curve.

I do want to thank you all for my retirement fund, it was a pleasant surprise. I promise I will spend it for something crazy fun...

I will stay in touch and hope everyone has a great year.

Thanks again for all your years of support.

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And deep gratitude for your years and years of effort.

Best wishes for the future.
Hope you enjoy your retirement and many many thanks for your hard work with the Grumble.It has given me a lot of information and a few good laughs as well. Best too you in the future! Hershel Wright


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So happy that you accepted the gift! We truly appreciate all that you've done for the Grumble. :)

Rick Granick

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Thank you again for all your efforts. You have really provided a great gathering and learning space for our framing family.
Please keep in touch.
:cool: Rick


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As a "Frame Shop manager" new hire at JA nearly 20 yrs ago, I was obsessed with TG. without that early foundation of quality knowledge from so many, I would not be the framer I am today.
THANK you BIll...and enjoy your next chapter.

Mike Labbe

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This is such a fantastic resource with decades of experience and generously shared information. This wealth of information is easily searched as a reference tool. I have learned SO much about the industry as a result of this forum, and it must continue.

This is all thanks to Bill's vision and hard work.

We have some REALLY big shoes to fill. :)

In the not so distant future, we will be migrating to a new server, but details will follow when testing/training is complete and a time schedule has been determined. Downtime should be minimal. When this happens, we will be switching from HTTP to HTTPS (encrypted) web connections, and it's likely that you may have to log in again with your username and password. If you have it saved in your browser, it's likely that it won't work with the new web address and you will have to manually provide the info again. It's a good time to locate the password and make a note of it, for that day. If you don't know, you'll be able to click a link to have the system reset it. There will also be a team of volunteers generously donating their time to answer emails, if anyone has trouble. More on all this later.

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Frances M.

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Thank you, Bill, for all your hard work and dedication. I have used and recommended The Grumble since I first heard of it and still refer back to the archives on a regular basis. Enjoy retirement!

Greg Fremstad

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Bill, welcome to the retirement group. Thanks for all you time on the grumble. Do some fun stuff!


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Thanks, Bill, for your great work and patience over the years.:thumbsup:
I've only been on the Grumble for 10 years and it's been as pleasure to get info and give info to others.
Please do stay in touch and check up on us from time to time.:beer:


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Thanks for all you have done for the framing industry, Bill. Enjoy your retirement. <3

Welcome, Mike. You have already been a steady presence in the industry and now you will be even more of a star in our firmament.

Allons-Y! <3

Mike Labbe

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Thank YOU, Bill! The relocated secondary server worked like a champ at 4am this morning, and did it's thing.