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For Sale: Gunnar F1 Hybrid XL with Pen Tool for sale in California


Hi Everybody.
I am selling my Gunnar f1 Hybrid XL to make room for a new Aiox.
The machine is as close to a new CMC as you're going to find. Gunnars don't come up for sale very often in this condition, they're usually very used. This machine has (+-)3500 cuts on it. For perspective, they usually don't send out a service technician until the around 250,000 cuts.
I will work with anyone within a few hundred miles to deliver it to you and give you some training.
The machine was serviced in October of 2016. It had 1200 cuts on it at the time, and didn't need service, but I had them come out to check it out since I drove it here from San Diego. I can include a receipt if necessary.

I am including with the machine...
the T2 Scribe pen tool ($1,500-2,000?)
one new set of new clamp tubes
one new pair of roller bearings
one new blade guide($150 each!)
one new plastic head guide
three full boxes of blades and two opened boxes of blades
two rarely used debossing tools

It will ship in its original shipping crate. The computer will ship separately. I will also provide a thumbdrive of instructional videos.
I am located in beautiful Sausalito, CA, just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.

I have it listed for sale at $16,500 but I am open to offers.
Feel free to call me with questions.
Bob 415-595-7659

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Sponsor Wanted


Make me an offer. I have a brand new Aiox waiting to be delivered, but I cannot take it until this machine goes to a new home.

Joe B

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Darn, I sure wish I needed it - that is such an excellent price!!!