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Health Insurance


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My wife is thinking of quiting her job and coming to work with me. One major hurdle is the loss of health insurance. How do each of you deal with that problem?
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Lots of research. When my husband retired over four years ago, I was secretly overwhelmed by the horror stories we had heard about finding insurance "outside the loop." Depends on your expectations and health history, of course, but there are many good plans for individuals if you do some homework. We just changed from a company called Central Reserve Life to one from whom I got info when in Atlanta: Capax. Our new carrier is Hartford through this agency, and the coverage is good as well as reasonable. If you want specifics, let me know. BTW, I provide the coverage because it's my business, and my husband is my employee: seemed to make a difference. We are also able to deduct 100% of the cost of the premiums because of another squiggle device my husband found by pouring through the business section of our local paper. Amazing what you can do if you read everything!

I got my apples and apricots mixed up. We changed business insurance policies at the same time: Capax/Hartford provides our business insurance now: Conseco provides the healthcare. You could check with PPFA on whom they might recommend, but Conseco seems pretty fair. Both policies are now better than the ones replaced.

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PPFA will more than likely recommend CAPAX .They negoiated with them to form a framers Policy.Just another thing we framers can thank PPFA for.It may be possible that as a member you might get a better rate.
At any rate call PPFA HQ and talk to some one( Both of you).


I am a licenesed Life and Health Insurance Agent in my state altough I no longer sell it. But check with Your local Laws Here In New Jersey Your company only has to have two employees to qualify for group insurance coverage which is a lot cheaper and better than gettting individual coverage Privetly.
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