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Help Needed

Discussion in 'Picture Framing Business Issues' started by ThePictureMan, Nov 23, 1999.

  1. ThePictureMan

    ThePictureMan Guest

    Ok, so I am a newcommer to all this but so far it has been fun and I am hoping to earn a living from it. I have purchased an existing building/business that has only framed in the past. It is on two stories and there are 60sq m on each floor. The object is to run a Gallery/Reception on the ground floor and do the work/store mouldings on the first floor. BUT, staffing may be only one at a time on the premisis, so cutting will be done upstairs to enable construction to be done downstairs whilst the public peruse the Gallery. HOW MUCH SPACE SHOLUD I ALLOCATE FOR THE ASSEMBLY OF FRAMES ON THE GROUND FLOOR? WHAT IS A GOOD SIZE AND SHAPE? OK so I am in England but the principles must be the same!

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