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Hiring in Cambridge and Brookline MA

Discussion in 'Job Openings/Wants' started by Tcoppi246, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Tcoppi246

    Tcoppi246 Grumbler

    Immediate opening for a manager of a picture framing shop in Brookline MA. You must have managed a frame shop with at least a few years experience. We are willing to pay top dollar if you are very experienced. If you can start by this Tuesday we will also pay you a 500.00 cash sign on bonus at the end of three months. This job will require you to run the shop as if it was your own. You will have wide berth as to how we will go about business. Duties include: Designing customer orders, ordering materials and supplies, fabricating custom projects, fabricating shadow boxes, store cleanliness, reporting nightly sales figures, as well as other managerial duties.
    Salary 35K and up depending on experience.
    * ongoing paid incentives for selling select vendors
    * Bonus pay for any corporate client that you introduce to our business that places an order
    Email us at:

    A link to the Craigs list ad...

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