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How big is YOUR frame shop? Dec 04 Poll


Grumbler in Training
Along these lines I've been seriously wondering if there any stats on what the crew to income ration is? By that I mean - say the shop is pulling in 450 to 500 hundred thou a year - what is the average crew for that kind of volume?

I was a solo small time owner for years and years who was recently lured to the big time (what's it going to take and when I told them, they bit so here I am. The stories I could tell! It's way, way different here). I've got 2 full timers and 2 part timers under me (25 - to 30 hours a week) plus one owner who is not only useless she is actually counter productive because she is beyond neurotic but I won't go there.

I have to say that the location is key plus the business has been around for over 10 years but it seems like we are always buried. Buried to the point where I can only hope to come up for air sometime next week. But next week never comes. Never ! ! !The stress is shocking. I won't go there either.

But getting back to the original question - pulling in 500 thou a year what do you guys think the staffing requirements are?