i-FRAMER Updates


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
AS i-FRAMER is now in Australia, New Zealand, UK and the US. I will post updates once month.

Here are the just uploaded last of our updates for October 2018.
- Updated and released the project management Kanban Board
- restructured and new permissions for staff.
- added the ability to search recent sales by tags as well.
- a new setting which allows you to email the quote list to yourself, form the past week, fortnight or month. This will allow framers to check that no quotes were missed raising to an order. but most importantly to follow up quotes and convert into sales. If not into sales then to determine why the quote was unsuccessful. This information can be used for improving pricing, sales staff training, or framing options etc.

The new trade portal is now in its final testing and a series of videos for setting up Trade customers and other trade features will follow.

here is a link to a quick video on the latest updates

Any suggestions and criticism most welcome.
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MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Latest updates
- New SMS Report. List SMS sent over the last week, month or 3 months.
- Dashboard Today - Added cutting list count of job items completed. So you can see exactly what was achieved in regards to production areas, and not just jobs completed.
- Bank Account details updated to accept spaces and symbols to match same format of differing banks.
- Under Bank Details, you can now choose which sale type to display on.
- Duplicate a job from the the job line on the sales page.
- More Options and filters added to customer list report.
- Moulding quick view has been added to purchase orders now as well cutting list.