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I made the mistake of buying this useless thing a few years ago thinking I could stay connected via email and the net while on holiday. On every outing it has lost one or more of my email accounts and I am over constantly deleting and reloading them. Does anyone know of a reliable third party email system like Mozilla's Thunderbird which will work on the Mac?

I was going to go with Thunderbird but someone suggested it would eat up too much of the i Pad's limited processor resources.
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Mike Labbe

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I'll bite, because no one else answered.

Your IPAD runs on the IOS operating system, not MAC OS. Unfortunately, Mozilla does not make an IOS version.

However, there are several alternatives out there. I'm not at all an Apple fan, and don't have any personal experience with any of these, but after reading several web articles on your behalf these came up several times as popular. Here is a list https://www.lifewire.com/best-iphone-email-apps-4135146 The ipad should be fine for basic email and web use, and many apps are exactly the same as on other operating systems and brands. It should also be fine to use with a framing POS, if you have one that supports it. (Lifesaver, FrameReady, IFramer)

A special note that your email provider probably also provides a web based way to access your email, if you dont want to install a new client. example for ours www.getthepictureframing.com/webmail If you're using a popular email service like gmail or yahoo, they have their own APPS that will work on IOS or ANDROID operating systems.

Good luck!

Andrew Lenz Jr.

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What Mike said. Also, I use an iPad every day, in the morning and evening to check email and almost never have problems. I find it far from useless. I love mine and just bought an upgraded one a couple months ago.

You might check to see how much free space you have on your iPad. If it's nearly full that can sometimes cause problems. Another thing you can do it back it up, do a factory reset on it it (look online for how), then restore your iPad from your backup.

You might also check with your email service and ask them for help. It could be a problem with them. (Again, I haven't had mail problems on it for years.)

Probably the best place to post your question is some online Apple or iPad forum.



SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Thanks people.

I have once again deleted and re installed the troublesome email account and it seems to be working o.k. again. This time it was the Outlook account which went AWOL, last time it was one of our hotmail accounts so no pattern to this. I will try Andrew's solution when I get back from my upcoming trip.

I started using the I pad for travel and backing up my photos to it as I went but this quickly filled the limited storage space so I had to stop doing that. I may have to bite the bullet and look for an online backup system for travel.

Mike Labbe

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If you have Amazon prime, I believe they give you unlimited online backup storage space for photos.


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I love my iPad and have several email accounts on it. Gmail, yahoo and outlook with multiple accounts. Never a problem.
Maybe you need to update some apps? Or update to current version of iOS?

The only recent problem I had was with my square account. I did uninstall app and reinstall and it worked properly again. This was months ago.

You can get extra storage for 0.99 a month

Peter Odems

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The device installs itself and the best is to let do that as much as possible. Than switch off "iCloud-Photo's" to avoid al that useless datatraffic and profile your system settings as you like. Remember that you have to check this after every update.