I'm in shocked sadness...


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Jim was one good man and a friend to everyone. This one is hitting me hard.

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Jim was one of those guys that always took calls and honestly tried to help other framers. I am sorry that he did not manage to have some retirement time.


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So sad to hear this.
He was posting on the Grumble just weeks ago.

RIP Gumby....


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Never met Gumby, but felt like he was a great guy. Hope he got in a lot of sailing.

Very sad.


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So sorry to hear it.


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We will miss you Gumby.

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Very sad news, R.I.P.


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No way! Such a shock! He was an awesome d ude and a really good human being.
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Rick Granick

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Such a sad loss. I was lucky enough to have Jim come down to Cincinnati to be my official trainer when I bought my Wizard 8000.
He was fun to work with and very helpful.

R.I.P., Jim.

😢 Rick