Question Is there anyone here who knows social media well?

Pat Kotnour

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Months back my web master died and he had been taking care of my web site for 17 years. Before he died he was working on getting some of my demo's on youtube and getting me into FB with my Attach-EZ company. I have been able to get something up on Face Book, but have no idea of where to go from here or even if it's done right. My hubby's cousin is a collage student in computer science and was able to get me into my web site and change prices and add things and remove what needs to be removed, but he is in collage and doesn't have a lot of time. He also wants to do everything by texting and I have a very hard time with that because I don't text and am never on my cell phone unless I'm out, which is almost never. My Attach-EZ page seems to be attached to my personal page and I don't really want it that way. Does anyone have any advice? I could sure use some help here.
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Bob Carter

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hi Pat-we have spent a ton (over and over) with 'experts' and my experience is this: lots of folks talk a great game

two things I might suggest. ask to look at about 12 or so sites they created that have been up for a year or so and then contact as many of them as you can for their opinion

those of us that are techologically and generationally challenged get swept away by buzzwords and low price

just my experience

loved your tools no matter how many needles we broke


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Also ask for a time frame and quote. Not an estimate. An actual quote. Developers will either work to an hourly rate or to a set project with time frame and cost. If the one you choose works out well then next time you go by the hourly rate if you wish.


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
I think you be better of asking advice on Framers Only facebook page. There seems to be a lot more social media savvy framers there.
My advice is to hire a social media marketing firm for your social media needs and a professional website creator for your website needs.
In most cases a social media marketing firm and also help you with your website needs. But before hiring any firm, make sure you ask for reference and samples of their work on social media campaigns and websites they have created.
Good luck.


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Hi Pat, I consider myself fairly well versed in the areas you’re looking for help in. Unfortunately I have found out most framers can’t afford to or like to pay a fair price for proper work. Some even outright have copied my websites without permission.

I have a team of web site developers, video editors and graphics designers who help me with the work. They’re located in Eastern Europe.

You’re in my Framers Only group. If you friend me there, and send me a list of what you’d like, I’ll be happy to get you a quote.

My prices for web sites for picture frame shops are very low. See here:


PFG, Picture Framing God
This is a local group ( Part of a much lager organization) who have programs regularly in MSP.

You could attend, learn and most certainly connect with one out of 100 experts for hire.

If you look at the sponsors you can see these are serious folks.



SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I don't know about the situation in the U.S. but in my (Australian) experience social media will not prove particularly useful for you as a marketing tool. By all means have a good web designer set up a business website which explains what you are all about and what you do and let that be your window into the online world.

If it is set up properly it will attract attention which will, hopefully, lead to 'phone or personal contacts which you can turn into sales. Too many web companies talk a big game about how many clicks they can get on your site but, guess what? A million clicks on your website do not put Dollar one into your Bank account; for that you need feet on the doormat.

Also remember that most of your customers are going to come from a fairly small area in your immediate vicinity so that is where your efforts need to be concentrated. If you have a good location upgrading your signage would quite likely achieve more than social media in terms of bang for your buck.