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For Sale: ITW AMP Mitre-Mite VN-2+1 underpinner and corner clamps


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This is an ITW AMP Mitre-Mite VN-2+1 underpinner. It is used for high precision joining of picture framing moulding. I sometimes refer to it as the world’s most amazing hammer. It is pneumatic (runs on air pressure). I replaced some air hoses and a valve because they developed air leaks. It includes the underpinner, foot control, and a bunch of the special V nails in different lengths that are used to join the moulding along with some other minor parts. I will post the nails and minor ports in a few days when I’m back at the shop. I paid $1,400 for this a few years ago. I stopped making picture frames a while ago and am eager to part with it at this point. Asking $900 OBO. Local pickup in Greenwater, WA or i can arrange shipping. It is fairly heavy, at about 75 lbs.

I have the manual in PDF format and will send if you are interested.

I also have 8 corner clamps with adjustable bases. These are made from cast iron. They’ve been sitting for a while and are dusty but otherwise in excellent shape. I paid $70 (iirc) each for the corner clamps and am asking $30 each.

Send inquiries to dmountains@gmail.com


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