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Joiner/ Framer

Discussion in 'Job Openings/Wants' started by Azure, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Azure

    Azure Grumbler

    Hey All! I am looking for a new joiner in the Portland/ Beaverton Area. It's a one day affair, once a week for about 6 hours. I am able to work around someone else's schedule.

    Anyone know anyone or is anyone looking?
  2. framah

    framah PFG, Picture Framing God

    Just to be a total "richard" here... how about working late a couple of nights? ..say till 8pm once or twice?:confused:o_O
  3. Azure

    Azure Grumbler

    Because at the moment I'm running the shop single handily, and could use help. This is the easiest thing for people to be able to get an extra hundred or so bucks a week on whatever time they have available. Also, it isn't my business, and my pay is capped at a certain point regardless of the hours I work and I like to keep it at a nice 50 to 60.
  4. Whitney81

    Whitney81 Grumbler in Training

    Hey Azure. If you're still looking for someone I might be interested in some side work. Feel free to hit me up here or at whitneyshake@gmail.com. Thanks!

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