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July/August Grumble Discussion and Poll: DEPOSITS - What percentage do YOU get?

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Mike Labbe

Member, Former moderator team volunteer
How large of a deposit do you usually take?

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Monthly Survey & Discussion

Vote results are anonymous. We are talking about average deposit amount, for retail sales.

What statement do you use to "close the sale" and ask for the deposit/payment?

Discussion and opinions are welcomed for this important topic.

RESULTS from previous TPFG surveys: LINK TO RESULTS

This will let us compare the changing results of this same question, which was posed to grumblers in 2004 and 2008.

2004 results:
24% No deposit due in advance
03% ~25% (1/4)
03% ~33% (1/3)
63% ~50% (1/2)
01% ~66% (2/3)
03% Full payment due in advance

2008 results:
08% No deposit due in advance
01% ~25% (1/4)
03% ~33% (1/3)
70% ~50% (1/2)
00% ~66% (2/3)
14% Full payment due in advance
04% Variable deposit %, depending on dollar value of order

2011 results:

Grumble surveys are purely for entertainment value, and to stimulate healthy/friendly discussion. Since the results only represent a relatively small group of participants, use them cautiously.

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