Jyden Chopper Value?

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Choppers seem to be going around $500 give or take a few hundred. That moulding isn't worth anything though. Quantities aren't big enough to keep as stock.



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Check the blades closely for nicks.


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One more thing to look at is the width of the blades that are being sold vs the width of new blades. If they are narrow, there will not be much life life left for resharpening. Those blades look narrow to me.


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I wouldn't fret about the rust. Looks superficial to me. Wipe it over with WD-40.

I would worry about lack of safety guards though. 😦


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I agree with Jerry about the blades looking to be more toward the end of their lifespan. In that condition maybe in the $400.00 range, maybe a bit less.

Check the head for sloppiness. Bring it as close to the fence as possible, locking in on the last detente, and see if you can push the head to and away from the fence. This is fixable but would knock a bit off the value.
Inspect the board blades, the ones the knives shear against in the down stroke. Check for nicks and uneven wear in them.

I have this same model Jyden that was purchased used in 1974. They are well built, and unless abused or neglected should last several lifetimes.

Rick Granick

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I bought my Jyden used in 1977 and it is still performing perfectly. Great machines. That said, at $2K that is not what I would call a good value. Do some searches for used choppers, incluing on the Commercial forum here. You can do better.
:cool: Rick