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Learning the art of Framing


Grumbler in Training
I am interested in leaning the ins and outs of framing. I have no experience but have been very interested in the craft for some time. I live in New Jersey and don't know where to begin to look for training.

Can you help?
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SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
One of the framing schools might be a good place to start. UMS might be a good place for you to look at.

United Manufacturer's Supplies, Inc.
80 Gordon Dr.
Syosset, NY 11791

Larson Juhl has classes, too.

The trade show in Las Vegas is coming up. There are lots of classes there. You must pre-register.

Being hired to work in a frame shop is a good way to learn.

Marc Lizer

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
There are two shows in Vegas, a month apart.

From what I can see:
Same education.
Same educators.
Same courses and content( alhough different titles).

The question will be Vendors? Will they go to both?

Will one show be "better" than another?

Is there a reason why I should atttend one show over the other?

Merrill sez go to the PPFA show because, well, read his reasons HERE.

And Jim's got his reasons of why the PFM show located in HERE

And Ellen and Framerguy (and others) have opinions about what show is THE show to go to.

So which Vegas show do you mean?

Marc Lizer

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
The other wrinkle to add, one that John G alluded to is that there is a Decor show in Orlando the same time as the PFM show in Vegas.

Education being done by neither PPFA, Decor, nor PFM, but yet still touted and great show to facetime all your Vendors and educational extravaganza.

So you have two show competing for educators and the same time slot. One show either is going to suck wind, while the other shines, or both be lackluster.

Of course the post mortem from both will be that thiers was the stellar and the other sucked wind.

So the question for the fellow from NJ is go South to FL or go to Vegas, or go to Vegas a month later.

The next question for the fellow from NJ is more about your question.

When you mean "art of framing", asdie from the really cool pun, what do you mean?

The crafty hands-on making stuff aspect?
The technical execution side(hinging, heat mounting)?
The customer service side including good design, and what not?
The business side of actually doing business and staying in business, and thriving in business, and all that entails and implies?

Marc Lizer

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Now after having your thread meander allovertheplace a re-read of your post sounds like you are looking for either a basic school.


I think we can ahswer your question a bit better if you give a bit more info.

I am young and looking at this as a cool avenue that may be a carrer or at least a pit-stop on the way to a carrer.


I am in another industry and this looks like a nice carrer change.


I want to learn more so I can do more for myself and friends in my spare time, and also see what develops.


Just a bit more for us to go on here.

However with no other info, Jana had it right with


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I dunno Marc. You're da bomb. You point out so many possibilities. Do you plan to go to either of the Vegas shows? From my vantage point, any trade show would be cool (within comfortable driving distance, that is). I wish they had one of those Vegas shows in Columbus.

Maybe cmtuchman would like the show in NYC (for seeing supplies). I forget when that one is.

Yeah, stick with United. They've got to be sorta close by NJ.

PFM and Decor also have other schools listed.


Grumbler in Training
I am a Mom who has been out of the work force for 12 years. I create collages on the computer using Photoshop and have had many framed. I think it would be nice to add this service to my small business. If there is a trade show in NYC I would go in a New York Minute.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Anks for the tertainment!

Decor in NYC in March & Larson-Juhl School in NY is actually in Paramus, NJ!


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
It's my understanding that, like their selling policy, L-J will not allow you to attend a school unless you have a storefront.

Pam MacFadden
Macfadden A & F
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