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Question Leather - how do I mat and frame a print on thin leather?


True Grumbler
A customer has two 9" x 7.5" prints on thin leather similar to the attached photo, and two similar looking prints of about the same size that are printed on paper. He would like them matted and framed with Museum Glass. I am uncertain as to how to frame leather. How would I attach it to the back board? Is there a type of tape I can use to hinge mount it? What should the customer expect over time? Is it very likely that it will be wavy and develop other problems? I could suggest scanning to make high resolution prints on a matte paper but since he created the artwork I think he wants the originals framed.

Your thoughts and ideas very much appreciated!
~ Ruby


Jim Miller

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
That's tricky...

How about using formed rods? Depending on the rigidity of the leather, you may need 6 or 8 of them. In any case, you could use very small .029" diameter piano wire and paint each mount to match, using acrylic paint. That might be the least conspicuous, mos supportive way to mount this thing.


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
If I understand correctly, this is mounted on thin leather, the background that is beige?

Since your customer created this, would he be open to sewing it to a background? Then you can just mat over it.
Would he have a problem with hide glue?

I would float it, preferably with hide glue if agreed by customer.
Frame in shadow box
I don’t think I would overmat it

No matter what, this will not be perfectly flat, that is the charm of the art


WOW Framer
Hi, Ruby. So, the black image is printed onto the pale backing? Is the thin leather sturdy or flexible? From your first post, it sounds like the customer wants a window mat covering the edges, but Ylva's visible-attachment idea might look great.
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