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"legendary" Customer service levels

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SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
LL Bean has it down!
No they don't, and here's why:

The Freeport store was out of stock of a popular size of jeans. I drove from south Maine to buy some, and was really ticked to see their carppy inventory control. So I sent a letter of complaint to Head Office.

Their reply? "So sorry. Here's a $50 gift certificate for your trouble."

And what made them famous? Their hunting and fishing stuff. Guns, knives, gear. Guy stuff. Tools. Things that kill animals.

"If you really want to buy some, go find it out back in the parking lot. We're too busy flogging ladies fashion carp."

Now back to the subject: You have to do everything within reason to build repeat sales, or you die.


WOW Framer
These two posts give a great example of how widely impressions can vary,
depending on the experience each person has. This speaks to the value of
having a pre-set, well-implemented & monitored system for customer
service, so that nobody is ever left feeling like Ted did. And the danger of
resting for too long on one's laurels.


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I have been very impressed with a new (to me anyway) product - Swheat Scoop Kitty Litter. It is made from wheat (hence the name) and it is compostable (as opposed to sitting in a landfill for centuries like clay litter). Even the bag it comes in is recyclable paper. I love it, my cats love it.

And what was really cool was if you collect 12 Proofs of Purchase from each size bag, they would send you a certificate for a free bag of that size. Very cool program. Not all pet stores carry all sizes so in 4 months I had accumulated PoPs from two 14 pound bags, four 25 pound bags, and six 40 pound bags. I bought a bag last Saturday and when I opened it up on Monday a coupon fell out that said their coupon program was over as of May 31, 2013.

Needless to say I was pretty PO'd and so I marched over to their Facebook page and complained (along with 2 or 3 other customers.

Next day they responded to me: "Send your coupons to us ASAP."

So I did.

I do not know what they will send me in return, but even a coupon for a free 14 pound bag is worth almost $20 and will make me happy. A coupon for a free 25 pound bag would make me very happy. A coupon for a 40 pound bag would make me over-the-moon happy.

We shall see what they send........


WOW Framer
I hope they do right by you.

One time I called a local restaurant to say they had way too many flies.
The sent me a twenty five dollar gift certificate, which I endured the many
flies to redeem. Mysteriously, their seemingly insurmountable fly problem
disappeared when new management arrived.

Rick Granick

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I have been very impressed with a new (to me anyway) product - Swheat Scoop Kitty Litter......
At first my aging eyes thought that read, "Sweat Shop Kitty Litter". Then I briefly flashed on these thoughts:
1) What a remarkably honest product name.
2) Mar... no way!

That's when I read more carefully.
:popc: Rick
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