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Less Confussion Convention?

Less Confusion Convention?

  • I like wandering amongst the whole convention to find the framing stuff.

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  • I would be confused no matter what.

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  • There's a convention?

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Baer Charlton

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
At the upcoming PPFA convention in Orlando, would you prefer that "Framing" vendors be segregated from PMA vendors? [Not that they did anything wrong or anything. :D ]

Bob Carter

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Perhaps to shed some light: There is a plan to have a Framing Pavillion at Orlando and every year more and more framing vendors are signing up

But, may I make a suggestion?

The real value of the convention has a lot less to do with the Exhibition floor than with the opportunity to visit and network with other retailers, take some classes and just learn more about what we do.

Don't miss the greatest opportunity to learn.

It is worth so much more than merchandise

Baer Charlton

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Having work booths at numerous conventions, I know that many times you get a feel that only about 200 framers came. Then you hear the figure that there were 4,893 in attendence....

And that the class' had never been so well attended.....

And you wonder if being hidden down the center ally between the, Sparkle Farkle Fun Factory booth and the three Oils by Inkjet and Aint This A Fun Car Too Drive At 300 MPH?, and is that the door to a Boat Show???, has anything to do with it.

My thought was to have the exhibitors convenient enough that framers would also visit. After all, the convention doesn't get paid for by the $45 entry fee alone. It might have something to do with the $10,000 exhibit fee also.

If exhibitors/vendors don't see a certain "visitation" level with "response" percentage. They may not be back the next year.

If you have enough vendors shine on a convention, you end up with a education seminar. Which is maybe where this industry is headed.

In the early 70s and ABC show would fill the Chicago Pavillion, the SF Cow Palace, or NY's Pier Pavillion. And if you didn't make your exhibit reservation early (1 year) you were SOL. Now it can all fit in the back room of a Marriot.