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Let's Make Co-op Advertising A Reality - Here's the details.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Dear Paul,

I knew that your project was not going to fly. I am not happy nor sad for having been right as I had noting at stake in this case.

It's true that when major players (manufacturers, trade press, PPFA, even some old TG heavy weight characters) get involved in a project things start moving and take shape. I bet that all minor or major manufacturers/suppliers, trade press, PPFA and TG influent people had heard and pondered your proposals. At least some of the above players would have come to help you, adopt or even steal your idea if it only was viable and didn't go against the future progress of this industry as in fact it did.

You may not yet be ready to admit of this but, as cynical as it may sound, the major players that you invoked are not necessarily interested in saving one individual framer or the other, or help indies survive in their struggle with the BBs or any other real or imaginary competition/menace of theirs for that matter. Don't expect them to come in front of the class and admit "yeap, Cornel is right", because they won't. But if you objectively analyze the picture you must agree that their game is much larger than that of caring for indies and, that their game's name is promote, build and defend the future of the industry as a whole. Helping indies, which are a diminishing, slowly drying out branch of this industry, resist and regain prominence in face of BBs or any other dynamic, up coming framing structure of the future is unrealistic, just like betting on sick and ailing instead of young, strong and powerful people would be.

Like it or not (and I too have a list of facts that I detest about the future myself), what goes on in this industry is called "progress", and that’s the main road to the future. Independent framers need to adjust and slide on top of this implacable tide or be pulled under. Your plan was trying not only to stop the process, but to reverse it, and that made it into an amateurish, utopian, senseless and unsustainable proposal. You thought that I was opposing you or the other Paul? Wrong, for me there is no flesh, bone and sole beyond those avatars around here, but ideas. I usually don't second ideas that I agree with, but I do engage those that I don't understand or think to be dead wrong. I had no faith in your project, although I wish someone could reverse the trend and bring back the old good times and their people too.

I don't try to beat my drums, and pretend that I was smart, for in reality I wasn't more than using common sense just like the (silent) majority that I sided with. You really had very-very few followers but, your project stirred controversy and (my all time #1 be hated) gratuitous compliments, which you and JPaul misinterpreted for enthusiastic support (and wishful snow ball effect).

Jim Miller

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
At a DecorExpo-Atlanta breakfast, Dennis Conforto and Bob Carter described a new concept to a room full of the movers and shakers in framing, and they let me in, too. Their new PPFA program is just now getting started, but it serves the same purpose your program is intended to serve, Paul.

The fundamental problem, funding, may be solved with this new concept. Maybe you could help to make it work.

Paul Cascio

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I'd be more than happy to assist. In fact, such a program could not only be good for framers, but could also be a major boost to PPFA membership. Keep me posted Jim, or drop an email. You can also reach me via phone at 860-940-9262.

It's going to take the industry-wide connections of PPFA, or the like, to get a program going.

Jim Miller

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I'd be more than happy to assist. ...Keep me posted Jim...
Yes Paul, this project has such a large scope that it is almost stunning to consider. The "man behind the curtain", Dennis Conforto, has quite a track record of success with this sort of thing in other consumer industries. This fellow knows what he's doing.

Bob Carter is in the middle of that project, but I am not. I'm busy with two other PPFA volunteer committees at this time.

Your best way to get involved would be to phone Sheila Pursglove in Jackson. She can get you connected with those who can use the help. Or call Bob C.
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