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LIFE for anyone who wants in!

j Paul

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OK! First a couple of things!
  1. If this should be on another forum, moderators please feel free to move it. However it is FREE for all interested
  2. I've already heard from all the nay-sayers who don't agree with LIFE service mark, so there is no need for further discussion on this thread.
Is available for any Local Independent Framer to use. Use of it will be licensed, but is available without charge. For all of the details you can go to:
http://hollandframeshop.com/framer.aspx request the form.

There will be links to all participating framers.

Thanks, John

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jP ...I've always loved the concept and appreciate your generosity in offering it to other indies.

Let's see where we can take this.

j Paul

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Dave, your sign up information has been sent. Others have also begun to request this information. I really appreciate your efforts in the initial formulation of this concept.

And has been acknowledged on past threads, there were others such as Framar who helped to jump start the idea of LIFEsm. And of course it was Paul Cascio's original idea that got the ball rolling. Every framer here that participated in that discussion deserves credit, hence that is why I want to make it available to all to use, simply maintaining some control so that it is used properly.

Hopefully this can snowball, into a great concept. I know I have experienced success with it already, as we have been using it on all of our print material as well as our TV spots. But once again, I say it is a take it or leave it thing. My hope is that it might become a recognizable branding, time will tell!

couture's gallery

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jp..we signed up today...think it will be a good thing in the long run..thanks for your efforts and your contribution.


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John, count me in too - I just finished signing up.

Thanks for everyone's contribution to the LIFE sm concept and for John for taking it to the next level and offering its use to the rest of us. I admit that I had no contribution in its formation, so I'm especially pleased that I'm able to take advantage of John's generosity and this great concept. I believe it will help promote the local independent framing expert!


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Having some difficulty printing out to scale the agreement. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing trouble?


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Dave, John had e-mailed a .jpg version of the agreement. I had problems printing it off the first time - only a portion of the agreement fitted on the page. The second time I printed it, I had selected "Crop to Match Print Proportions" option and it printed out fine. My e-mail automatically used Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0 to open the .jpg file and that is what I used to print the file. Hope this helps.


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JP...did you get my e-mail?


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Small typo on your LIFE partner's page:

You said "you're" and your meant "your"

I have sent for the form and will be interested to see how this progresses.



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J Paul,

I was going to keep out of this thread but your logo gave me an idea. As you know, I think that local coop-advertising is too little too late. But a local framing cooperative might be just about enough to pull it. I am not a fan of cooperative type entities, but Americans may find a way to resurect that dynosaur and make it function.

j Paul

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A little more detail

Well for just the short time that this post has been up, I’ve been getting quite a few requests for more information. So much that I spend most of yesterday on this project, instead of framing. It may take a day or two to answer some of your requests, so please be patient.

First of all, let me say I am no marketing guru, with no formal training. I’m just a small independent retailer like most of you. I have an idea, that hopefully will continue to evolve with positive imput from those that care to work together. As I mentioned earlier, we have been using
LIFEsm on all of our printed material / TV spots for some time now, and people are taking notice and comment on it. (For those that do not embrace the idea, that is fine. Respectfully though, start your own thread, or better yet marketing plan)
  • My vision for the LIFEsm, is that each individual independent frame shop can promote themselves as the Local Independent Framing Expert.
    [*]This is not a co-op advertising campaign. (If you can / or decide to work with others in your area, more power to you.)
    [*]If you have followed the evolution of how the
    LIFEsm came to be, you are aware of the many tag lines that you can use it with. (Do a search on the G) Dave and I came up with quite a few. (For example: Bring your memories to LIFEsm)
  • My hope is that as you successfully promote your own business usingLIFEsm it will become a recognizable brand. As consumers become aware of the LIFEsm brand it will begin to have real value for all of us.
  • I feel that one important aspect of turning LIFEsm into a recognizable brand is the exchange of links on each others web-sites. (For those that don’t have a web-site get one. There are many that you can do for free. Again I am far from a web-site guru, but mine is a FREE site and certainly better than none at all. I am getting hundreds of hits a month.)
  • As you become a licensed member of LIFEsm, do a press release to your area. If we get enough people on board as it appears is going to happen, hopefully our trade journals will pick up on this as well.
Just a few random thoughts for the time being,
My best to all of you.
John Barlowe aka: jPaul


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I've had almost 2 dozen requests for sign-up information in the last 48 hours. I know some of those are in the mail back to me.

j Paul

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Want to keep this on current page for you

Dave Makielski / Makielski Art Shop is also now a LIFEsm partner. His contact info is now on our site.

If you don't have a web-site yet, like Dave, go ahead and sign up. We'll put your contact info on the site. You need to get a site up ASAP. It is not that hard and there are Free Sites like mentioned above. This may just be the kick in the pants you need to do it. You'll thank me later.



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After looking this over I have reservations that I want to air. I think that a link to a central site that gives some sort of credence to or approval of member framers (One thinks of Framer Select which I meant to join but didn't) might build brand recognition over time. As you say it couldn't hurt. But we do have the PPFA credential standards for those interested. And although I am not a CPF, I do proudly link to PPFA from my home page.

Aside from that, maybe a link to a spiffy looking organization might not "hurt" but a link to the page you have offered, with your frame shop blazoned across the top is not of value, IMHO, and could be harmful. What will the customer see when he looks at this? Where are the requirements for membership? What does this page say about the members on the list?

I'm not saying you should not do this, Paul. I just think it has a long way to go before I could add my link to the list. You need professional web design, a clear published criteria for membership on the page, your logo removed from the header, and something the public will see to make these framers seem enticing and of value to separate them from the average frame shop. Otherwise it's just a list.

Good luck with it. I appreciate your efforts. I know it is just a start.

j Paul

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Thanks for the input Kirstie,

Really what individual framers have to do, is promote themselves as the Local Independent Framing Expert. My LIFEsm just gives them a logo to use.

The first page that a consumer on my page sees when looking for a LIFEsm Framer in another area besides my own is this: http://hollandframeshop.com/LIFE.aspx only when they click on the links page do they see the list of participating framers.

I do own www.localindependentframingexpert.com domain name and hope to have that site up as a referring site in the near future. When I get that site up, I will switch the referral page over to it, and I will be just one of the members listed. I'll have to check and see if my Logo can come off the header of that page now, but I don't believe so, as I think it is common to every page.

Jerry Ervin

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It is common to every page j Paul.

The addition of a second setup within your existing account is the way to go. The dedicated URL is good thinking.

Don't forget that you will need to do all the web optimization tricks you can think of on that site as well.

j Paul

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Dick & Allora Couture of Coutures's Art Gallery & Frame Shop, Sebring, Fl. 33870 are now LIFEsm partners.

We encourage any who have, or are thinking of joining together to promote themselves as the Local Independent Framing Expert.

What can a [FONT=Arial, Geneva, sans-serif]LIFE[/FONT]sm Framer do for you!

Besides giving you unparalleled frame designs and everyday fair pricing.

• Your Local Independent Framer’s genuinely love what they do, and have the ability to go above
and beyond to make sure you are a satisfied customer - saving you time, money and stress.

• Local Independent Framing Experts contribute to your community's economic success.

• More money stays in your community when you patronize locally-owned businesses than when you
go to a national chain - money that is used to employ local people, support local non-profits, and buy
local products.

• Independent retailers reflect the values and interests of their communities, where you can interact
with the owners of the business.

• Local businesses and organizations offer goods and services that you might not find anywhere else,
making your community a vibrant, authentic place that is different from other communities.

• Local independent businesses sponsor and participate in events benefiting the community,
and donate goods and services too local non-profits. They live here, work here, play here.

• Local business owners directly see their businesses' impacts on our environment and community,
and have the freedom to implement innovative programs to address these impacts.

We hope that as other framers embrace [FONT=Arial, Geneva, sans-serif]LIFE[/FONT]sm, you will then as a local consumer, share your [FONT=Arial, Geneva, sans-serif]LIFE[/FONT]sm with a friend and neighbor.

To address a prior comment. The LIFEsm is not a certification of any participating framers skills. There are other programs for that, such as PPFA. LIFEsm is simply a way for the local independent framer to set themselves apart from the "alway on sale" framers. Thru their own advertising efforts, and promoting of the LIFEsm and their own business, hopefully they can at least make the consumer aware of the choices they have.


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Nice, jP! It's a great start.

Thanks for all.


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What does SM stand for? In some of the text it reads like lifeism if one is not paying attention. This is when the SM is larger.

Also link to framers on left menu works but one at the bottom of the page does not.

Nice progress.

Paul N

In Corner
Just LIFE. Your site is OK in FireFox.

And one strange thing: From within your site if you click the Find a LIFEism Framer, (top menu) then click the "Find LIFEism Framing Partners" link on that page, it opens LIFE correctly in FireFox!

When opened this way, I think it inherits the properties of your site and works well in FF. But I could be wrong.

j Paul

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The Glitch on the contact page should be fixed.
If you contacted me for information and have not received it by the end of the day Friday 1/18, please re-submit.
Thanks John
Saturday / 1/19/08
Let's try this one more time. I don't know why contact had stopped working but should be OK now. Please if you have not heard from me, re-submit your request.

j Paul

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I apologize and I am scratching my head trying to figure this out. The contact links are still not working. I have deleted and reentered them and still no luck.

So for more information at this point, please send me a PM thru the Grumble. If you are new and don't know how, just click on my name to the left and follow the menu.

I will try to get these links working again ASAP. They were working fine, when I first entered them.

j Paul

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Contact Us!

The Contact Us! links really appear to be fixed this time.
Thanks Rick Bergeron, the problem was from Microsoft Office Live itself, not the loose nut behind the computer screen. :eek:

So if any have tried to get more info on LIFEsm in the last few days and haven't heard back from me please resubmit.

And thanks again Rick for checking this out for me! :thumbsup:

j Paul

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Just a reminder that the contact link on both sites was down for a few days the other week due to the hosting company.

I was just in contact with one of our Grumbler friends today who hadn't heard from me. PLEASE if you have requested information on LIFEsm, and haven't received it, try again.

And again for those of you that do not have a web-site yet and want to join, I will accept those agreements back. You will benefit most the sooner you get your web-site up however.

Thanks for all of the inquiries, I look forward to getting them returned, soon.

j Paul

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I did the layout and have the file available for any of our LIFEsm Partners. Your web-site can be put on in place of mine, of course.
I have found several places to do these at very affordable prices and the prices are even better the more we order. You know how to get a hold of me.

Just another Free Benefit of being a LIFEsm Partner!

I plan on having other Banners made featuring different services as well, all of course promoting the benefits of doing business with a LIFEsm Partner.

j Paul

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Here is another version of the PHOTO RESTORATION banner. This one is sized at 30" x 40" which will fit in the lower half of most commercial glass doors. Of course it could also be used as a window banner.

I also can provide this file to any LIFEsm Partner, of course you can have your own web-site put on. Other marketing concepts are under development.

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