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Lifesaver - Starting new POS on Jan 2nd


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Ok Lifesaver fans. I'm switching. We'll be using the cloud version (which essentially is a similar product but thru a browser) starting next week.

What are any helpful tips or general "I wish I knew this" for me starting fresh with Lifesaver?

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Mike Labbe

Member, Former moderator team volunteer
We haven't upgraded our shop from the old pc version to the cloud yet, because we are waiting for our cc contract to expire so we can get the newer equipment. I have used it quite a bit, as a demo, though. It doesn't have ALL of the features of the legacy product, but they keep adding things regularly. It has ALL the basics that 99% of us would want, and the workflow of writing up an order is nearly identical.

Do you plan to do it on a PC, Mac, or Tablet? It does all, but I think we will probably stick with the trustworthy PCs. (less likely to get shoplifted or damaged, I guess. ha)

Are you coming from the retired Wizard product? They can probably convert your customer list over, if so.

Congrats and good luck on Tuesday!


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I'm coming from the Wizard POS. Since they discontinued it, I don't anticipate they'll have a problem. Frankly, LS should reach out to Wiz to try to work out an incentive for Wiz to convert their users to LS, which would mean Wiz doesn't have to maintain a disco'd pos.

I'm using a Mac, since I switched to mac personally, and it is just a clearly better OS than windows, and also doesn't have the bloatware of most of the PC's.

Right now I'm revisiting the pricing of matting / fitting / book hinging / etc per size. Not sure how to review the pricing effectively though.


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I just wrapped up my 30 day trial of LSS Cloud, and after using the old Lifesaver software for about two or three years, I'm fairly impressed. I'm finding it much easier to navigate whenever I need to find or change the price of a moulding. It's sleek to look at, and since I'm going to have to be introducing my coworkers to using it for the first time, I'm really glad I get to use this instead of the old software.

My only problem seems to be that when I try to use it on my Android phone, the work order screen is pushed very far to the left, so the boxes I need to click or fill out are sort of "off screen". Hopefully they will fix this problem, and make the work orders more mobile friendly.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I believe they said this is not intended for phones, and more for full screen devices. So I suppose that means iPads vs iPhones, etc.
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