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Peter’s samples arrived, what clever hanging products for framing, I cannot understand why Peters hanging systems have not got better traction in the market, perhaps distribution is the issue, the products are super.

Oh….. Another two good enquiries via LinkedIn yesterday :D


PFG, Picture Framing God
Oh….. Another two good enquiries via LinkedIn yesterday :D
Can you tell us more? How did these people find you? What do you do to make yourself visible on Linkedin? Are these in response to InMail sent to them or comments on group forums? Do you have a premium account?

Curious marketing minds want to know...


In Corner
Basic account

I ask some relevant people to link within the business sector I’m in, in Ireland. Oh and I also get asked to link.

Most are finding me via a web search, I get found about 20 times a week via LinkedIn on web searches.

I link with relevant business/people within my sector worldwide.

I have joined some groups and I contribute to some of them

I sometimes post generally on LinkedIn, items/stories that may be relevant to people I know.

I’m getting referrals from LinkedIn, ie. People who have seen me on LinkedIn who feel I may be able to help there customers refer them to me.

I really have done very little on LinkedIn, just tweaked it a bit over the years.

Oh… I also have myself listed as Dermot Cox-Kearns / OTE Archival and Conservation Products, with my logo rather than my picture, since I have done this I’m getting more and more leads, also my contact list has doubled in the last six months I now have about 280 direct contacts on LinkedIn. http://www.linkedin.com/profile/edit?trk=hb_tab_pro_top

There is one thing I very much dislike about LinkedIn, that is people who are using Twitter or Facebook or both to post to LinkedIn, I’m starting to de-list them from my contacts, I feel they are not respecting the ethos of LinkedIn correctly by using a third party web service to post to LinkedIn, in any case you cannot respond to them unless you are a Twitter user, which I’m not, nor are many of the people I know on LinkedIn….like me they may have a Twitter account but are not users.

I find LinkedIn is like what it was like when I was a rep years ago, you can build up a nice gentle relationship with people and in turn allow them to cross pollinate from people I may know, it doesn’t have the same mad frenzy that some of the other social medias have such as Twitter and Facebook, or that is how it is for me.

As I said on an earlier post not working your LinkedIn account is like not handing out a business card, it is just nice and steady as you go approach.

I’m a B2B operation, which is one of the reasons LinkedIn works so well for me, most people on LinkedIn are B2B people, perhaps that is why the other medias are not top of my list, I really don’t want retail consumer type contacts.

That said one of my customers a conservator works her business Facebook page well it is working for her.

Bottom line I decided to pick one media and work it well, which is LinkedIn, and do a bit on FaceBook and virtually nothing on Twitter, I feel you cannot be master of all, better to do one very well that two or three half baked.


In Corner
Oh I forgot to explain the use of my logo on my LinkedIn profile.

I had a think about what I was doing back when I showed my photo on my profiles, now as good looking as I am, ;) showing my personal photo does little for my business profile which is what LinkedIn is about for me, hence the use of my business logo on my profile at LinkedIn.

If you look carefully at other businesses/people on LinkedIn who are clever at using that platform it is clear that other have reached the same conclusion as me about the use of a personal photo or a logo.

An example, I had a call from a potential customer today who spoke to me months ago at a trade show/conference, however he forgot my name and the name of my business, he was on LinkedIn today and spotted my logo as a second connection to one of his friends on LinkedIn, he recalled the logo and made contact that way, he told me that my logo is very recallable, however my name less so…… :shrug:

He also told me I’m known as “The Acid Free Man” by some in the archival/conservation community in Ireland…..can’t say have any difficulty with that tag.. :thumbsup:


True Grumbler
Mar, you need my social media class! There can be huge benefits to Linkedin. Linked is a B to B professional site that can bring in money if you use it correctly. At the very least, I would complete a profile for yourself AND your business. Your customers are there so you should be too.

I use Linkedin for all sorts of reasons, including checking out any corporate clients I am about to see. Don't think they are not checking you out as well. On a retail level, I have had customers from my distant past find me there, and then come in to the shop.

I also use it for prospecting corporate business.

Think of it as your online resume and the same for your shop. Create links back to the business. Connect with others. It takes a while, but it can be useful and very professional.
I would love to take your social media class. Do you hold the class at the WCAF Show? I am LinkedIn and have found it very interesting, informative, and it has given me an opportunity to meet potential customers and also offer professional advice. I've listened to a few webinars and have read several articles on the growth of social media within business. It is an additional web presence to get your name/branding out there to differentiate yourself from other companies. I'm a newbie to ALL of this, but I feel it needs to be done for continued success.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
A big thumbs down from me for Linkedin.

I joined it but found it to be like Facebook in that all I got were linking requests from people who would never be customers and a steady stream of emails along the lines of "Mr X is now linked to Mrs Y". Great for them but why do I care? In the end I got rid of it.

Possibly if I had spent a whole lot of my (limited) downtime working it I might have shaken loose a couple of jobs but I believed, and still do, that the effort would have outweighed the rewards by a considerable factor.

I just don't "get" the whole "social media" thing.
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