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Longevity of UV glass

Discussion in 'Grumble Archive pre 2004 Topics' started by tdubb, Jan 5, 1999.

  1. tdubb

    tdubb Guest

    I was recently told by a CPF that UV glass loses its ability to filter out the UV rays after a period of time. She said as short as a couple years. Unfortunately, I've been selling the stuff for five years, telling evey customer that it will protect their art from UV effects--I never dreamed it would only last a little while. Anyone want to support her claim or rebut?
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    ARTFRAME Guest

    My understanding is that UV-filtering coatings on glass last indefinitely. But there's no need for you to rely on anyone's speculation or possible misunderstanding. Call Tru-Vue or any maker of UV-filtering glass, and ask them about longevity.
  3. OregonJay

    OregonJay True Grumbler

    Two things:

    1. I'd like to know HOW this glass 'does its job'. What is it in (on?) the glass that prevents UV rays from passing through?

    2. Forgive my scepticism but ... when asking the question: "How long does it continue to protect?", I'd like to hear from an independant expert (someone who does not make their livelyhood by the sale of this glass) as well as the manufacturer.
  4. tdubb

    tdubb Guest

    I sent tru-vue an email about this, and they never got back to me. maybe I should actually call.
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