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looking for 10' sticks of moulding

Jon Mark Johnson

Grumbler in Training
Hello Grumblers, We are looking for some ten foot sticks of moulding for a project, we are hoping to find about a 1 1/2" wide dark furniture finish brown tone, dark walnut-ish, preferable with a gold lip. Does anyone have any suggestions for any such item? Thanks y'all!
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Angry Badger
Most of the imported stuff is cut at 3 meters (9.85 feet) to accommodate the containers in which they travel. If you need 10' lengths, look to domestic manufacturers.
For finished lengths that might have a gold lip (not familiar enough with the line) check out Nickell Moulding http://www.nickellmoulding.com/
In other options you have the hardwood manufacturers: Vermont Hardwoods, Picture Woods, and others where you could pair a flat walnut with a gold fillet.
Any and all are gong to take some looking and probably some phone calls to get specific lengths.
Another option is to get unfinished length from Fosters Planing Mill or Savannah Millworks and finish the moulding yourself.
Then there are folks like Max that will make it for you from scratch.
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