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Looking for a PT/FT custom picture framer in Napa, CA

Discussion in 'Job Openings/Wants' started by superkimm, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. superkimm

    superkimm Grumbler in Training

    Hello Fellow Framers,

    Our frame shop is looking for a part time/ possibly full time picture framer in Napa, CA. I thought I'd come here first since you are the "framers support group" lol..

    We are a small custom frame shop with 1 full time framer and 2 part time right now. We need some additional help. Looking for someone with a flexible schedule to help a few days a week starting or someone with more experience... to work more full time hours.

    Duties include help opening and closing the store, organizing, handling customer artwork and the production of picture frames. It would be great to have someone already comfortable with working in a frame shop (cutting mats on a computerized mat cutter (wizard), knowledge of mounting artwork, cutting on a mitre saw, using pneumatic tools and in general building frames from start to finish). Depending on experience, also working with customers out front. We will also train the right person!

    Looking for a hard worker with a trained eye for attention to detail and someone that has a firm grasp of math. Well.... you guys know.

    We'd love someone now, to get accustomed working in our store, before the holiday rush begins. We really, quite frankly, just need some extra help. HELP!

    Do you guys know anyone in the area that would be interested? Anyone with some basic framing experience at least? I hope someone here can pass this information on to the right person. Thanks in advance guys :D

    Kim White
  2. Dana Rodney

    Dana Rodney Grumbler in Training

    I just saw your ad seeking framing help, but noticed it is a year old.

    I owned a frame shop in St. Helena for 21 years, but recently sold it, and am looking for part-time work.



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