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Looking for decorative tapes?

Brian Gorman

True Grumbler
I have a customer that wants to frame a variety of little pieces (pear crate labels) without using a frame. Instead, he wants to sandwich them in glass and have a decorative metallic tape used around the edge to hold the pieces together.

For hanging, we just plan on using those self sticky fabric thingys. He doesn't care about conservation and this purely a decorative approach to a wall hanging.

Anybody have any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!
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PFG, Picture Framing God
Brian ;
Have you ever done any stained glass work? If you have and if you can use a Copper edge you might consider the copper foil tape that is used when stained glass isn't assembled with zinc came. It is an adhesive tape that is actually copper and usually is followed by a bead of solider . So you could easily attach a saw tooth hanger to it,or they even have pad eyes that are solider on.I just had to remove a pair in order to install a piece in a routed frame.I have seen Antique fabric pieces (NON-conservationaly)framed between two pieces of glass useing this method at many craft shows.You could even add the solider and change the color to something other than Copper.


PFG, Picture Framing God
We sell both gold and silver tape in several sizes. Other art supplies stores might sell it too.


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This link is a good source for the tapes I believe you are looking for. web page

Jill Hennes CPF
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Omro WI
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