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"Measuring Your Business"

B. Newman

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
There is an article in this month's PFM by Marc Bluestone on measuring things in your business. (Also available to be read online at http://www.pictureframingmagazine.com/pdfs/Features/Nov04_Bluestone.pdf )

This is a great article (yeah, I know, Bob, it doesn't go deep enough, but for a trade magazine article, it's pretty good!)

In the past, when I did all my "measurements" by hand, I always calculated which customers were "new" and which were "repeats." I had not figured out quite how to do that with my QB, but after reading his article, I realized something that I could do to each "sales receipt" that would tag it as new/repeat. I already do that with "zip codes", and "date in" so at least next year, I'll be able to track my customer repeats vs "one time onlys".

For someone with a bad (or good) case of "detailitis" this is just one more bit of info for me to study. This is what I do between Christmas and New Years and into January - what about you all? What do you study - and what do you do with what you find out?

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PFG, Picture Framing God
Bob, now my feelings are hurt.

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