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Merry Christmas to all...


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Well this is the last day for me this Christmas Season. I will be closed the rest of the week. I hope you all had great seasons. I had a lot of last minute rushes this year and I'm waiting for the one that comes in today and wants it today; there's always one. Maybe I'll do it for free.....naaaaa, well it was a nice thought.

To all of the hard working grumbler's out in world, I hope the Santa will bring you a little something special to thank you for your efforts.

A Special Thanks to:

Ron Eggers

Susan May

Lance E


Marc Lizer

For overseeing the forums. I think they deserve a big round of applause.

We also want to thanks our sponsers:
United Mfrs Supplies Inc., Peter Ackerman
Wizard International ,
Framer Select

I also want to thanks anyone that help anwser someones elses questions, for that is the real power of this forum.

Well back to the framing table one last order to finish before I open.

and to all a great day.... HO HO HO

Merry Christmas


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Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year to you, Bill and to all grumblers. A special thanks goes to you, Bill for starting the Grumble!


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Yes, Happy holidays and a great new year.
Thanks to everyone that participates and makes this place such a wealth of information and a fun place to visit.


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happy Holidays everybody! Thanks for the G Framer!

Yikes, you guys are rolling up the carpet and going home. I am still expecting to take in a couple more today..........


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OK Bill, if I have to have a merry Christmas, so do you. Thanks for getting this forum going. I honestly believe it is one of the best things that has ever happened in our industry. You have created a tool that is actually changing our industry. Kudos to you Bill.


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Don't despair, Emibub. I'm still here and expect to be for a while.

I have thirteen more orders to complete today. Most of them are ready to fit, but there are a couple of shadowboxes in the mix to start from scratch.

So, you might ask, what are you doing on The Grumble, Ron?

Every couple of orders, I allow myself a short Grumble break so I don't start thinking I'm the only one working today.

Happy Holidays, my friends.


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I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you all had a great season!

I am taking a brief break before I finish my last 7 projects for xmas pick ups today and tomorrow a.m.

I had one "fiasco" when I discovered a fillet was wrong on Saturday afternoon from LJ and it didn't get on the truck for Monday's delivery and it had to be overnighted for today - thank goodness I had all the other pieces ready to roll!!

Isn't it fun!

Cherry Mistmas!!!!


Oh, I not supposed to crack the champagne til after the last project is complete!


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Merry Christmas to all, and thank you Framer, and thank you Ron, Susan, Lance, Charles, and Marc, for all the hard work you put into the Grumble.

I am up to my elbows in soap, getting ready to make my deliveries to Most Favored Clients!
My fingers are wrinkly (have tried liquid soap this year) but it sure does smell nice in the kitchen.


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A very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2004 to all you Grumblers and thank you for the help in answering those questions. From an English Grumbler across the pond.

Mike Labbe

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Andy is home sick in bed with the flu, so it's just me today. (ya picked a fine time to get Sick, Mister... heh). I have it too, but will make it through the day.

It was a panic today to finish up the remaining holiday orders alone, but i'm happy to say we're all set. Just 3 more jobs on the 24th (for gifts to our own relatives), and that's it.

Several people came in today and wanted same day service, but I had to politely decline.

A real nice thing happened today. Andy's former employer had a computer problem and called this morning for assistance. After hearing that he was ill, they offered to send over an employee to help me finish the remaining jobs. We didn't have to take him up on the offer, but what a kind and generous gesture.

I'd like to thank Bill and all the moderators for providing such an invaluable and timely resource. While magazines may be a couple months behind, it only takes a few minutes for news to hit the Grumble. Kudos!

Happy and warm holiday greetings to all


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Christmas greetings and good wishes to all.

And a little Irish wish.
Beannachtai na Nollag agus na hAthbhliana


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Merry Christmas!!! I am done with all orders and I get Christmas Eve off this year. That is a first in many, many years. Does anybody need any help tomorrow. I am not sure I will know what to do with myself!!!



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...and to all a good night!

Here's to a great holiday for all Grumblers. Hope your day(s) off is (are) special!


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A Happy Christmas from The Land of OZ.

It'll be bloody hot down here as usual. Not much of that white fluffy stuff that falls down from the sky in our country at this time of the year.

How do you guys put up with freezing your @*%$# off at Christmas. Must be a nightmare trying to get around!

Lance E

It's done here, the doors are closed (for one day anyhow) and it has been a cracker for us!!!

I havn't looked at the total retail figures but I know we were up by quite a bit, the workshop alone was up by 50% on the previous years figures from the 1st till the 24th Dec so I am about to go celebrate!!! Like Bill we always have the one "last minute" frame to make as well, I dropped it off on the way home, less than 2 hours after the order was made.

To all those who have contributed to this forum and the ideas that flow through it I thank you, and wish you all the best for Christmas!!!

Take care Grumblers,



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The last order will be done in about an hour. UPS came last night about 5:30 with an engraved nameplate for a collection of WW II metals and extras. The client will be in at noon and off we go.

A homemade apple pie (my speciality) is on the counter at home for a gathering tonight at friends.

Best wishes to all.


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The problem now is the 184 taken already for January and we will still have all the regular clients for these due dates as well...

Oh well the fun never stops...

Merry Christmas to all and in lue of gifts my I wish you all peace, health and prosperity in your lives.


John Ranes II CPF GCF

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<center><font size=6><font color=red>Merry Christmas!</font color></font size></center>

Hang in there Kathy.....2004 will be grand!

Stop by for a drink Ron, Sarah and I will still have the shop open until 2pm today.

The orders are completed, including all 15 Shadowboxes.....one delightful character was not happy with his, as he had our Manager trim down the frills from a $450 job to $200.....what did he expect.....and he was not wearing a red suit, either!

I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy and ready to relax at least for a day! (We're closed for two......"Boxing Day" as well.....remember that Sarah is UK/Candian....for Rebecca and Merlin.)


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One last pick-up and we're done. A bit of an annoyance actually. She brought it in Friday and had to have it done by Monday, told me not to call as it was a total surprise...
It give me a chance to catch up on the personal framing that usually gets put off until after the holidays.
Best Wishes all,

Barb Pelton

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

All is done, not all was picked up though.

Only one customer unhappy--cancelled his order cause it wasn't ready when he came, BUT it wasn't ready because his daughter had called and asked us to switch to another frame just a few hours before. Guess she forgot to tell Dad that by switching the frame, the pickup time had to "switch" as well....and so we learn another lesson. (As in, "No, it's too late to redesign this piece for Christmas delivery") I felt we did all we could do to make everyone happy ...

Two people literally cried when they picked up their things today. Most people were very appreciative. We had to do a memorial piece that came in late yesterday. My policy has always been memorials get priority, and she just knew it couldn't be done right here before Christmas. It meant so to her this morning...

I was amazed that at 1:30 today, a gent came in for "an estimate on an order, I can go home and get the picture in a bit, as I forgot to bring it with me." Christmas present. We closed at noon, but he came in as the last employee out forgot to relock the door. I was very nice to him--but a little amazed. It was a large peice--not something that could be put into a ready made.

Glad it's over for now...A mountain of orders for January....life is good. (Except that I think I might be getting the flu....)Ah, at least I can afford to rest IF I do get it.

Off to bake cookies for Santa... :D HOHOHO!
The kids ARE SO EXCITED! Now I can enjoy.

And dns, my package arrived at 1 p.m. Thanks so much--I hope to curl up with cocoa and the movie tonight. I've been looking forward to a couch night!!

I sincerely hope that all of you enjoy Christmas day as well.


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Merry Xmas all. Just finished our last customer.
Thanks to all for being fun and informative group.

May 2004 rock our socks off!!
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