mounting giclee's?


I am introducing giclee prints on both canvas and watercolor/art paper into my gallery, as well as to my wholesale product line. I only have experience mounting photographs. What methods and materials can you suggest for taking on these new materials. Also, can you recommend an archival spray (and technique) for applying to the canvas prints, given that they won't be behind glass.

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First try a search in the archives of the Grumble. These subjects have been discussed many times through the last year.



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Can you say big *** inkjet?

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John, we frame giclees on water color paper the way we'd frame anythig on water color paper. If the reproduction isn't photographic we don't mount it. Photo images printed on wc paper we uaually mount because that's the way the photographer wants it.

There are two kinds of inkjet cnavases, water resistant and non water resistant. For non we use Bulldog Ultra and for the water resistant, we use Clear Shield. A Google search will find vendors of both. We use gloss coatings. The effect is something like a glazed canvas. We spray the Clear Shield using a HVLP gun. If you don't have a gun, you'll have to roll the stuff on. The roller wastes more product than the gun. Both methods work well. Clear Shield is water bassed. We buy spray cans of the solvent basses Bulldog.