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My new venture.

Discussion in 'Picture Framing Business Issues' started by framer, Feb 11, 2000.

  1. framer

    framer Guest

    Well it looks like I'm going to be opening up my own place come April. Been working real hard on the plan, samples, marketing, and most of you know the drill. I've written a new web site program to help me market my new business. It's still beta and only been written for IE4 or IE5 browsers. If you use one of those browsers take a look. It uses a lot of mapped graphics so watch for the cursor to change which would be a link. Once you click a graphic it may take a few seconds 5 -15 for the page to change. I got 5 molding and 18 mats up on the design board. Just click on a molding or mat and you are taken to a area the show you a large image of the frame and mat combination. If you enter the image size and glazing required it will price the order for you. I've recut the frame molding samples longer so they are the same length as the mat samples and re-photograph them. It will be another month to be finished but I was wanting comments good and bad.

    Yes I will have a netscape and low bandwidth versions before I open.



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  2. JPete

    JPete <span style="color: red"><b><i>Charter Member</i><

    Like that remote. I'm on Ie5 with 32Megs(would like more)and the background takes too,too long to load. Since I surf more than I should the other thing that hangs me up, my computer, is when links open another window etc. Otherwise looking good so far.

    Is your intent to sell more on line or just give them a taste and pull them in?
  3. Jon Ostrander

    Jon Ostrander Guest

    I have to agree with JPete. Also there is a lot of unused background space that eats up time and band width. If you make your index page a little less graphic heavy it will load faster. (I have a 56k modem and it took most of Jay Lenos monolog to load.)
    What are you using as your creation program?
    There is a referance to "hundreds of dollars more than other framers" that may not be a great line in a sales pitch. LOL
    Over all it is a great site. But if those are really your "standard" designs. I'm getting out of the business!!!

    When you look back it's better to regret what you did, than what you didn't do.
  4. framer

    framer Guest

    One Question! Where is that line that says "hundreds of dollars more than other framers"? I can't find it and want to see what context I said it.
  5. JPete

    JPete <span style="color: red"><b><i>Charter Member</i><

    Framer, I went to the design button, clicked on the second frame over, (orl), then clicked to enlarge, and then to see how it was made, at the top of that pages is you $100 more. I think I had to go too many steps, the average customer would be out the door. Good luck. Glad I went back because I missed much of it the first time.

    THe ornate designs in the frame will get you the jobs but not sure an overcrowed web site will be the best advertising. Get down to basics. I realize thats hard for an expert framer computer guru to do. lol.
  6. Bruce McElhaney

    Bruce McElhaney Guest

    Framer, the site took way too long to load with IE5. Plus, it was difficult and confusing for me to navigate. There is no easy flow to the site. The remote metaphor, while interesting, has no apparent connection with framing. If used, it may be better suited to websites dealing with electronic devices that use remotes.
    I am presently working on my web site, and just read Jakob Neilsen's book, "Designing Web Usability" and "Web Pages That Suck" by Flanders & Willis. I highly recommend both.

    Bruce McElhaney
    Photo734@earthlink.net (new address)
  7. TheFrameGuy

    TheFrameGuy Guest

    Nice java Framer!

    Wow, I guess I have forgotten about the slow download time since I have been with DSL for a year now. I saw your site completely loaded within 5 seconds.

    The Frame Guy
    www.myframeshop.com The Picture Framing Network!

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  8. framer

    framer Guest

    Ok let me explain a bit. I'm not going after retail but high end galleries and photo studios. The idea was to bring together many different pre-made matting designs with many different frames. The remote will have a lot more functions to come. An example would be, if you were view the frame corners, pressing the 1 - 9 buttons would bring up to 9 different pages of samples. Then go to mats and get 9 pages of mats and so on. I will install a local copy, using high quality graphics, on a clients computer and they can get instant price quotes.

    I will also have a netscape and low bandwidth options as well.

    I know I need to find a way to explain the interface better and am thinking hard on that point. When running a local copy it feels better.

    The point that was made about a design costing hundreds of dollars more was a take off a posting here on the grumble. That still needs to be edited. I want show my clients and their customer's what it takes to make their framing.

    I'm not going to do a lot this week as I'm waiting on more pictures to come back from the lab. I'll put more time in next week.

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  9. framer

    framer Guest

    I spent a few hours on the speed issue and have the load time reduced to 2 min on a 33k modem using a free isp alta-vista. About 1/2 of the current load time comes from preloading the main frame sample. I have an idea what might fix that. I've also got a graphic that pops up when something is loading to give a positive feeling that something is happening.


    [This message has been edited by framer (edited 02-13-2000).]
  10. framer

    framer Guest

  11. framer

    framer Guest

    I've redone a lot of the site, Yes, the remote is still there. The load time been worked on and should be a lot better, if it is not let me know. As for a couple of comments about the background taking to long to load and being to big let me explain. I was tryong to pre load a lot of graphics and had placed the background at the bottom of the list. The truth is that the background is created with only 4000 bytes and is tiled in. I've reduced the number of pre loading, moved the background load up to the top of the load list, increased the jpg compression on graphics. For example a big graphic of the mat samples have been reduced from 50K - 60K bytes to 8k - 15k, this means load times 4 - 6 times as fast.

    I need to ask for more lookers to check it out. Please click on the frame and mat buttons on the remote. Then click on a sample or two of each type. When the screen scrolls to the big sample please wait for the sample to load. To return to the sample menu just click on the big frame. One last tip always look for the cursor to show you a link by turning from a arrow to a hand pointing.

    I hope you like it better then the earlier version.

    Thanks for your time and help.

  12. JPete

    JPete <span style="color: red"><b><i>Charter Member</i><

    I checked this out again. Sent you e-mail from that site and it came back. Just as well, I couldn't understand what I had written.

    The # 1 on the menu did not have a hand.

    The line at the bottom about frame size didn't show up on the first page when loading (the line showed up, but not the sizes.) The line also needs some gramatical work. I don't think anyone will debate the issue that grammer on a truly profession page should be correct. Luckily thats not the case here.!!!! [​IMG]

    The moulding sample and mat seem to take forever and are still very large.

    The hidden tabs need to show, I only get about half of them.

    I also have a long horizotal bar. Is it necessary?

    Off the subject. Why are we not able to view other post when replying like we used to? JP

    [This message has been edited by JPete (edited 02-22-2000).]
  13. framer

    framer Guest

    Thanks JPete, That was a good pick up on the number one button.

    I had missed the missing data on the bottom. If I used the button on the remote to auto scroll it was there. When I used the scroll bar it was not. I'll get that fixed tonight.

    The spelling and grammer was been noted and will be fixed but I am working on programing and interface problems. A lot of the text will be changed. What's currently there is more of a place holder as I'm working on the interface.

    As for the big samples you need to select full screen mode on the view menu or hit the F11 key. The mat samples have been reduced from 600K to 15K and I've keep the quality close. 15K is almost nothing to load. The frame is another story. I need to use GIF file so the background is transparent. Their size runs about 60-80K at 40bps 40/800 is 20 seconds to load. Once the pictures loaded it can be recalled instantly.

    More later
    Thank again,
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