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My take on Framers Select

Rob Markoff

PFG, Picture Framing God
I didn't want to be burried at the bottom of the thread so I am bringing this to the top!

I have been an enthusiastic member and supporter since the inception of the program. (And I don't think I am a sucker). Have you noticed how many leaders (and successful businesspeople) are also members? And I don't think they are suckers either (Bob Carter, John Ranes, Marc Bluestone and others). And, we are NOT made of money. We see value in the program that transcends immediate "walk in" traffic and understand that to be successful in business this is one part of an effective MARKETING campaign.

To those who dropped out or those considering joining, please ask yourself these questions? To be successful in Framers Select you cannot be PASSIVE! If you are not willing to use the tools and benefits, you will not be happy.

1. Have you taken advantage of the additional wording you can add to your listing on the Framers Select website? I am surprised at how many members do not list additional information about their businesses other than a name and address and maybe their hours. What motivation does someone who is looking for a framer have to choose YOU?

2. Have you added a photo of your business or something distinctive and different to look at? The Web is a visual, dynamic medium and you need to promote your business as best as possible.

3. Do you have a website to link to? If not, for only $40 per month (including design and hosting,) you can have a great website that will list all of your capabilities and allow you to update the site yourself with photos/information about recent projects. E-mail me and I will tell you about a great company that does this and their sites are excellent.

4. If you have joined and expect that just because you pay your monthly fee, people will begin walking through your door I believe you will not be happy with the program.

On the other hand, if you take the leads that are furnished each month and market to the people in your territory, you will increase your success rate. Add these names to your mailing list and market to them on a regular basis. They have indicated that they have an interest in art/framing. It is up to YOU to interest them in your business. They might not come in immediately, but if your marketing materials are professional in presentation, and sent on a regular basis, you will increase the odds of winning the customer.

Just sending a mailer out once and then saying "it didn't work" is unreasonable. You need to market to your client base regularly and Framers Select can provide marketing materials and ideas

5. Have you bought and USED any of the postcards? They cost about 6 cents each for an oversized four color postcard and they look great! We just did a 7,000 piece mailing to our customer list (after cleaning it up and doing other things that I learned at a San Diego Chapter PPFA meeting). We received a response within 24 hours and continue to have clients coming in DAILY with the cards.

6. Have you sent out a press release that your business have been selected as one of the Best Frame shops in America?

7. Do you read the newsletter? Have you implemented some of Jay's ideas? Have you made a note of some of the members and looked at what they are doing with their businesses? Have you visited them or made plans to?

8. Do you attend trade shows? The Framer Select meetings at the shows? Given input to Jeff and his staff to make the program better? Attended a Framers Select reception to meet fellow members and network? I am always looking for framers to refer clients to when they move to another city/part of the country. I am much more comfortable referring them to someone I know.

9. Are you using the 10 things brochure on your counter to reinforce your credibility with new customers?

10. Is the window decal on your front window?

11. Have you done a dynamic "inspired design" framing job on your membership certificate? Is it on display where CUSTOMERS can see it?

12. Have you incorporated the Framers Select logo in your advertising and on your vehicles? On your business cards? Have you added the line, "One of the best frame shops in America" on your advertising or business cards?

13. Does your staff know you are a member and what it means?

etc, etc, etc. Any other members have ideas I have not listed? Please share!

To those who have dropped out, be honest and respond, have you done any of these things?

Rob Markoff, CPF
San Diego, CA
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SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Rob, great points. Thank you for saying more than just 'you get out of it what you put into it'. You spelled it out in great detail. In such great detail that your post has now become a check list for me to use to make sure that I am getting the most from my membership. Thanks.

Roger Abbey

True Grumbler
That was a great post. Thanks for spelling things out.

I've sat here and read the numerous critical post, but I beleive your response sets the record stright.

In the territory that Dennis and I cover hear in Southern California we've more that doubled the membership in the first month that we have represented FramerSelect and are well on our way to tripling.

We find that the new members we are siging up are already among the most successful in this area and can easily see the value of the FramerSelect program. Most also know that they'll need to take an active role in working the program to make it produce as it's designed to. You spelled that out admirably!


Paul M

Wow... Great post.... I have not put anything into Framers select except money so far... I joined it only because of the respect and admiration I have for Jay Goltz (blind faith)..

I sat down the other day and wondered what it was doing for me... I started to compile a list... You have made this issue so eazy for me...

I must say to date this is probaly the one post that has made the time speent here worth while...

Great plan... Thank a million


PFG, Picture Framing God
Rob, your 100% correct, had I put in all the effort you and FramerSelect recomended, I'm sure I would have gotten more results from it. My problem is simple, I have enough work to do now, I don't have the time to take on more assignments.

My business is probably one of San Diegos busiest with regular custom framing work. We do not do wholesale or contract work, just custom framing, we stay busy. That is the main reason I droped out, in order to make FramerSelect work, one must put in a great deal of effort.

I did not think the returns from FramerSelect would warent hiring a person to allow me more time to promote John Baker Picture Frames and FramerSelect.

As you know, I already have "brand recognition" in San Diego. My motive for joining FramerSelect was to take advantage of their marketing program, I did not want to start another marketing program of my own that would include marketing FrameSelect.

I probably should never have joined in the first place, but I did. I agree with you completly, To make FramerSelect work successfuly, one must invest a lot of time, effort and money.

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