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Near Orlando Florida...enjoy your life work and get paid!

Discussion in 'Job Openings/Wants' started by Lisa Chiodini, May 15, 2018.

  1. Lisa Chiodini

    Lisa Chiodini Grumbler in Training

    Lisa ChiodiniGrumbler in Training

    Artistic Expressions has 25 years of being Oviedo's premier Custom Framing showroom. Please contact Lisa Chiodini, owner if interested in part-time employment 22-28 hours/week with schedule flexability and only working 1-2 short Saturdays a month. Opportunities for more hour become available throught out the year. You must be able to commumicate well, take instruction, learn the techniques we use as an archival shop. Must be good with fractions and have good eyesight and can lift 40 lbs and stand as you frame. Both sales, design, and production a must. If you want to feel happy at work call me!
    407.365.0760 or email resume or a simple letter to artisticexpressionsframing@gmail.com
  2. paintingpotato

    paintingpotato Grumbler in Training

    I don't know if this will help your search, but if you venture into websites such as LinkedIN and Zip Recruiter, I know a good many people, myself included, who were let go last year from an art consulting business here in Orlando about a year ago when they went under. There were some really great framers among us. If you can find anyone with 'HG Arts' on their resume, it might be worth trying to recruit them.
  3. Lisa Chiodini

    Lisa Chiodini Grumbler in Training

    Thank you for the heads up. If you know anyone wanting part-time please direct them to me. Are you looking for work still?

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