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Need Ready Made Frame Company Ideas... like Gemline

Hello Grumblers,

Its been a long time since my last post. I have recently taken over my mothers art business and have realized that chopping and joining frames for her orders needs to be stream lined. Orders are for gift shop resale and do not need to be custom crafted by this old dog. LOL!
She used to order ready made frames from Gemline and North American Enclosures, both of which are now closed and out of business. I am in the process of filling one of her orders and spent the day chopping, joining frames and the next day cutting a bunch of mats. I will be calling Redimat for future orders but I need a affordable ready made frame company that has a decent quality product. Usually offer just a simple cherry and a simple gold frame to fill our orders.

Also, thinking about getting back into the garage framer business..... Kinda miss framing and enjoy designing and making frames. The extra money is nice too : - )
Still have a old U.I. pricing schedule from Victor Moulding for mats, glass, fitting..... lol
Any current pricing schedules online that can be printed, downloaded or pdf's. Don't want to buy lifesaver as I am easing back into framing.
Any ideas? Encouragement? Thoughts? How's the weather?

Good to be back, miss all of the Grumblers!



have you tried Gemline's parent company... Marco Fine Arts... They still have some of the same items that gemline carried...
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