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For Sale: New Attach-EZ Starter Kit

Pat Kotnour

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Attach-EZ has added a new Starter Kit Deluxe to the line. Because there are now 7 sizes of fasteners for the fine fabric tool and 3 sizes of needles we have added an extra tool to the Starter Kit Deluxe. This kit will be at 15% off to anyone who says they saw this on the Grumble. We now have USB's or DVD's and you can view the Tool Tutorial and the Jersey chapter on our web site or on Youtube. We are just getting started on Face Book as well. I will be adding some new video's from time to time on mounting items that are not on the DVD's. As you will see by the picture below, we now also have the quarter inch fasteners in colors as well as the quarter inch, three eight inch, and half inch in black. All of the new sizes, colors, and needles are included in this kit for $175 less 15% = $148.75. In order to get the discount please do not order on line. To receive the discount you must call 1-800-527-1521.
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