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OK, here it is, my first grumble about trade magazines.
They don't have a centerfold.
Just kidding.
I receive several woodworking magazines as well as PFM.
When the woodworking magazines evaluate equipment and products, the do an in depth report on the product. They do not pull punches. they compare it against each manufacturers same product. They flat out tell you which ones are great, will do the job, or your throwing your money away.
PFMs idea of product reporting is getting a gushing review from each manufacturer and publishing it as they dictate.
My opinion of PFM is it is just an advertising rag. None of it's articles will say anything that might miff an advertiser.
I used to wait for it every month. Now when it comes I rarely even open it. It sits on a bench until it gets tossed. I do however find there annual sources issue well worth keeping.
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Actually, I agree, there should be stronger reviews on the products. If we can get reviews on items from other professions, why not ours? Perhaps "We" ought to offer to do the reviews on the Grumble. The companies could send us samples, or allow us to test programs/ tools etc. Then we could post our own reviews on the items.

Reviews by the people who use the products, for the people who buy the products.

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Jim Miller

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Originally posted by JRB:
"...My opinion of PFM is it is just an advertising rag. None of it's articles will say anything that might miff an advertiser.
I used to wait for it every month. Now when it comes I rarely even open it..."

Do you read the trade pub's *only* for product reviews? What about the articles? If you don't read Hugh Phibbs' "Preservation Practices", Jay's "Goltz on Business", Marc's "Counter Intelligence", and feature articles that cover every subject under the framing sun, then you're missing the best part of our trade mags.

About advertising, remember that it's the advertisers who make it possible for the publishers (all of them) to bring us trade shows and education. The fees paid by the attendees don't come anywhere near covering the costs.

If you don't read the trade pub's, how do you keep up with all the industry news?


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I find the Grumble to be more enlightening and entertaining than the articals in the mags.
How does the woodworking publications keep their advertisers even though they are liable to get flamed in the very issue they just bought a full page add in?
In a recent issue of PFM in the letters section, several people wrote in to complain about Larson Juhl's policy of not selling home based frame shops. Picture Framing Magazine did not publish Larson Juhl's name with the letters. Made me wonder if Larson was an owner of PFM.
I guess all I'm saying is I think the PFM could use a little backbone.
I agree the articals are usually very worthwile reading. I've just read so many of them over the years they are all starting to look the same to me.

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I am afraid that JRB is right and that PFM turned into The Frame Industry Yellow Pages. I do not intend to sound offensive to Jim Miller but, didn't you know everything they are teaching us in PFM before becoming a proud framing shop owner and hired people to help you?
I am an accomplished frame manufacturer and all I can tell you is that every time those PFM gurus go about dissecting and teaching us wood, wood construction, gesso, compo and gilding they are blowing hot air around saying as little as possible in as many words as they can. At the end of reading those articles one stands up equally stupid as before reading them. It's like flirting with those topics forever and never really go into bed with them. The reader will learn enough terms and stories as to verbally impress upon his ignorant client but, nothing more than that. And I suspect that other gurus are equally vague and evasive while approaching preservation issues, for instance, though talking mats, glass and fitting is less of a trade secret than giving up true gesso, gilding clay or compo formulas.
But what if PFM never really intended to teach us the trade tricks, but to become exactly what it is today: an excellent source, ad and trade news magazine? I recall PFM beginnings and I may be wrong but,back then, ten years ago, the makers of this magazine were sounding to me rather happy to get any credible collaborator on board. Well, surely enough some early contributors got the ride of their lives and became what they are today: undisputable authorities in the science of the framing universe.

Bob Carter

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When I read Pfm and Decor (not as much), I get the feeling I'm reading articles written by people in their first journalism job. Remember, in high school, when you had that report that had to be so many words long? And you just kept adding anything to fill the page? Deja Vu when I read a lot of these articles. I realize that people have to start somewhere, but why is always in our trade? I feel that most articles aren't researched and that the writers don't have much of a grasp of the topic. And, Jim, while I appreciate Phibbs and Goltz as being tops in their fields(and I'll add my friend Marc), that's 3-4 pages,tops.I understand the economics of the problem(subscriptions under 25k), but doggone it, we do deserve a lot better. Or do we? And please, let's don't have any of the Mag publishers post their indignation. Just take it as constructive criticsm.
Now, for the pubs we take(from this trade), I rate Art Business News as the best, followed by Art World News as a close contender, next is Decor as the best pretender. Art Trends and PFM ( beyond the guest writers)are just selling ads. Amazingly, I read every one of them cover to cover


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Can I do without PFM and Decor? Probably. Will I? No. I am not a know-it-all, but most of the articles written for those magazines serve me no purpose. However, I never know when I may pick up something I can use. One thing that disturbs me about both magazines is they both seem to be huge LJ advocates. There are many fine moulding companies out there, and LJ is just one of them. They shouldn't be showing so much blatant favoratism. I find it distastful. Two questions: am I the only one who misses "Nightmare on Frame Street", and don't you find the framing projects featured way inderpriced?


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Sorry, I should have started new thread. Wasn't thinking.