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OK, so here's the concept.


Marc Lzier

A new sub-forum titled: Trade Mag Comments and business issues.

This would cover stuff like Chris mentions, and the domain that Bob, Rob, Jay, Marc G and JRB FG, AL and MM (and the like) speak so well on.

HOWEVER, something I have always wanted to see it an area that makes comment on the current trade magazine articles.

Forinstance (one word): When a mag has a "frame of the month", or a "you framed what", and then lists the materials and price charged, I throw the mag on the ground and say, "No freak'n way." I think discussions where we can price out a item that we all see the same specs on every month will be a good lesson in pricing.

As well as bringing to the attention articles and advertisements that provoke praise or ridicule or controversy (or all three).

I think The Picture Framers Grumble is the right place for this as it is not a subsidiary or any of the mags.

In this potential new forum, feel free to point out (the good and the bad) things PFM, Decor, ABN, AWN, or other Framing related trades.

Howze that sound?
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I like the idea. ("No freakin' way" has slipped out of my mouth many times.)

Hope framer concurs with the suggestion.


PFG, Picture Framing God
This is great, a new place to stir it up.


I liked it so much I started it.

A great idea, Thanks Marc,



Right on!

Jim Price
Western Winds Frame and Gallery
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