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Okay, PMA What about us?

Bob Carter

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
In this month's (Nov 02) Photo Marketing mag, there is a very good interview with Dr. Glenn Omura from Mich State Univ. he was contracted by PMA to do study on Business Models for the photo trade.

It was a method I'm real familiar with and drew some very sound reasoning from someone independent of the industry. It wasn't the same, old tired stuff we used to see.

In short, it was the stuff I thought we were promised from this mergers. This type of in-depth, sophisticated research was suppossed to be one of the strengths of PMA and this type of study would bear it out.

So, when is someone like this going to do the same for our corner of the trade? And I mean someone with a scholarly methodology to really peel back the layers.

I think this type of research would benefit all of us, don't you? For all those that don't think we get our monies worth from PPFA, wouldn't this type of study change your mind?

All of you Board members that lurk here, wouldn't this be a good worthy project for PMA to contract? Can we make this a major priority or should we wait until the Mar convention?

This is exactly the kind of stuff I thought PMA would bring to the table. It's time to sit down and feast at that table, don't you think?
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