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For Sale: Online Class by Jim Miller: Pricing Strategies for Frame Shops


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Click this link to make your payment:

This payment entitles you to watch the video and ask questions in this private group for a full year. You can watch the class for unlimited times and use it to train your staff if you like. It's included in your one time payment for a full year.

About the class:
This is a different kind of pricing class focusing on strategy, because pricing should involve a lot more than just markups. We’ll cover the important factors to consider in formulating your prices for all sorts of framing materials and labor, with examples.
We’ve planned several opportunities during the presentation for questions and answers on key issues, so everyone should get a chance to quiz the speaker.

Topics for this session include the purposes of pricing strategy, business variables affecting pricing, different types of pricing, material categories, pricing methodologies, pricing for labor, common pricing mistakes, and some recommendations.

Class is being live broadcasted and recorded for you to watch later if you missed the live event at 3 PM on Saturday, May 4th

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Sponsor Wanted