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Wanted oval opening in rectangular frame

Discussion in 'The Grumble' started by JWB9999999, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. JWB9999999

    JWB9999999 SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Looking for suggestions on sources of readymade frames of a particular style and size. My customer is looking for a frame with an oval opening, but a rectangular outer frame. Colonial moulding calls this type "spans" I believe, but not sure if that's a generally used term or just one they use. Obviously Colonial has one, and San Diego Frames also offers one, but I am looking for other choices. Specifically, both of those companies have 20x24 as the largest size that they offer, and my customer is looking for something "larger". Colonial's also only comes in gold, and currently we would need a silver version.

    We are just talking about readymade frames, here. Matting is not a solution.


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    MATTHEW HALE CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2

    this may not be the answer you're looking for, but you may be able to use a liner panel from Franks Fabrics . Might be worth looking into.
  3. prospero

    prospero SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God


    Can't be much help on the readymade option, but I've done this type of thing by getting the outer frame and cutting
    the oval inner part out of MDF. Two layers stuck together are more rigid, with a small 'reveal'. It does mean applying a finish to the
    spandrel part to match/harmonise with the outer frame though. But if I can do it I'm sure you can. :D
  4. JWB9999999

    JWB9999999 SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Well, no, that wasn't what I was looking for.... which doesn't mean it won't work. :) I am not familiar with those liner panels. I will keep them in mind. My customer is normally putting stretched canvas paintings in these frames, so I'd have to get more details from them to see if they'd work for that application.

    Thanks Prospero, I knew someone would know the name. I don't do any painting or finishing type of work, so the mdf option is not something that I could fabricate.
  5. Lafontsee

    Lafontsee CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2

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  6. JWB9999999

    JWB9999999 SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Since learning that In-Line essentially gives the customer-off-the-street better pricing than they give to custom framers via their 2 websites, I have refrained from using or recommending them. But I will still take a look. Thanks.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  7. prospero

    prospero SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    As a matter of interest these are a pair that I did a while ago...


    There is a company in the UK that do custom frames. They will make them to size with all the wiggly bits and finish them to your
    requirements. They will also do them gesso'd only so you can apply your own finish, which is what I've done here. They will make
    sprandrels, but these I did myself with 2.5mm MDF of my trusty Oval 6. Square cut setting, it takes a bit of effort to cut MDF like
    this and you generally have to cut as far as you can a them break the middle out which leaves a rough edge. But a bit of sanding to
    clean it up and impart a subtle rounded edge on the front does the job. It's finished by just painting a base color and gilded with my
    patent varnish/bronze powder mix, as are the frames. These have glass, which goes under the spandrel. Another oval cut from matboard
    fits between spandrel and art to keep the glass away.
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  8. njw1224

    njw1224 True Grumbler

    Not to rain on your parade, but you will be hard pressed to find many good options for large readymade frames with oval openings. These frames were made largely for the portrait photographer market, which has dried up (photographers aren't offering framing options as much, do to things like canvas-wraps, metal prints, etc.). There used to be LOTS of readymade frame companies for photographers, and many have gone out of business. The ones that still exist offer mainly rectangular fames. The oval inset option isn't a seller anymore, so companies don't carry it. I wish you the best of luck, but fear you won't find great options.
  9. Rick Hennen

    Rick Hennen Grumbler in Training

    We can make various shaped frames and liners. If you want to give us a call at 833-238-8181 we may be able to help/
  10. JWB9999999

    JWB9999999 SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Hi Rick! Who is "we"? Your profile says you are in California, but the phone number you listed is for Missouri?
  11. Rick Hennen

    Rick Hennen Grumbler in Training

    We are Rian Fabrication Services. I worked with Raphaels in the framing industry for almost 30 years. I left there in June to pursue custom woodworking fabrication work in the hospitality and decorating industries including custom veneered frames and wood wall decor. You can see a small sampling of our work at www.rianfabrication.com. We are located outside of San Diego but our toll free number begins with an 833 prefix.
American Picture Frame Academy 1-888-840-9605

The American Picture Framing Academy Learn Picture Framing Now

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