Panic At The Disco?


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Just got an e-mail from LJ saying, 'You know those things we just said were discontinued? Well, not really'. (My paraphrase). Last week, a POS system glitch labeled several dozen good mouldings as gone.

Still love LJ.
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Reassuring to know that even the Big Boys have feet of clay occasionally. :D


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Years ago Arcadia (Might have been Arquati then) disco'd a fav moulding of mine. I got the heads up from the rep.

In a fit of pique I ordered some ridiculous amount of it. Something like 50,000 ft. That'll teach 'em thinks I. ;)

Fortunately it wasn't just a glitch or I would have been up a certain creek without a saddle. :confused:


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From what I have read elsewhere last week it looks as though an awful lot of disco'd samples got pulled down and tossed - and now it turns out they are not disco'd at all.

Expensive mistake, large unnamed supplier. ;)

Rick Granick

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Same here. I only had 3 relevant samples on that list, and I hadn't yet emptied the garbage can into the dumpster, so I was able to save them.
:cool: Rick

The problem is, though, until they send out the update for FrameReady (and other POS systems), I won't be able to price those items. The email promises they will updated by Monday.