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Picture Frame Equip for sale - $2800 (Raleigh)


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Closing home based picture frame shop. Started in 2006 as a side biz to my real career and it has been an outlet for stress and an opportunity to work with my hands. As such, the money never came rolling in and that was ok as it was not my reason to open in the first place. I am now an "empty nester" and my wife insist that she get her garage back or my nest will become even more roomy...so, the conversion process begins...as you will see this was not a state of the art shop but this equipment has been well cared for and has many years of service left in them.

Equipment for sale - pickup only:

Drytac Vacuum Hot Press HGP260 including custom workstation/stand
Mitre-Mite VN2 underpinner including tabletop stand
Morso chopper with engraved measure arm extension (2 sets of blades)
Logan 40" straight line Mat Cutter
2 large custom work tables with storage (flat and vertical)
Frame Vise
Air compressor

Will sell equipment individually just make an offer.


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Hi there,
My wife and I are considering adding framing to our business (she sells around 400 watercolors per year and we'd like to offer them 'ready to hang'). Initially we're thinking we'd just use frames and mats from Jerry's, but I'm also pricing out what it would cost to do it ourselves.
Is any of your equipment still available?
I'd also appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about your experience in the framing business here in Raleigh (we also live here)
Daniel Kelly
(919) 961-0402


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Hey Daniel, yes, equipment is still available. I also left you a voice mail yesterday, feel free to call me back if you would like to chat.

Thanks for looking!


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The Morso chopper is still available and would like $700, but will consider another offer.
Is it in good condition? Let me check my budget and I will get in touch Monday. My son lives in Franklinton so he could pick it up and bring it to me. My shop is in eastern Kentucky near the WV & VA borders.

Joe B

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Nice prices.
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