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"Please press 1 to update your FREE business listing."


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
No. No I won't. Quit calling me.

And that goes for Google too.


I hate when I am in the middle of something and the phone is on the other side of my bench and it rings (the phone, not the bench) and I hear the dreaded, "Please press 1."


Is there any way on earth to get rid of these nuisance calls?????
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Jeff Rodier

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Fill out a complaint form here and you will get a letter from them each time you do it. Once enough complaints are filed you will never hear from them again.



SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Acutally if you wait long enough it give you the option to hit "9" to be removed.
I think I've done it like 3 times now... so far this week only 3 calls. :shrug:

Larry Peterson

PFG, Picture Framing God
And that goes for Google too.
It's not Google calling you; they don't do that. It's SEO companies spamming you to use their services to improve your Google rankings. They would like you to believe that they are Google. Next time you get one, ask them specifically who they are.

Bill Henry-

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I don’t think hitting “O” would do any good for these “Google” calls. I get at least two a week, but they are always from a different phone number, but with the same robo message.

I suspect they simply change numbers every few weeks to avoid having to comply with the “Do Not Call” list.

Frame Maker SA

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
I have pressed 1 to get a person twice and very strongly suggested they dont call me anymore, so far so good.


PFG, Picture Framing God
No. No I won't.
That's exactly right.

In some cases it's a scam.... you confirm by saying your name and the word "YES" They cleverly re-edit the audio so it sound like your agreeing to their bogus offer. Happened to me with a phone long distance slam. Big hassle to make the charges go away.



True Grumbler
I get these, and others, all the time. If I am by the computer, I'll look at my caller ID while it is ringing and quickly Google the number. Usually, some sort of "who calls me" website comes up with a bunch of complaints entered from people all over the US and Canada. I usually don't answer them... but sometimes I get duped. I have even tried putting offending numbers on my phone provider's "blocked list", however most of the time the scammer companies just change the spoof number they are calling from.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

so why does Less have to wait 60 seconds?


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
So, on more or less the same topic - how many online directories does the average business actually need to be in?

I was trying to find my dentist's hours the other night and while he has no website, I was fooled into clicking on half a dozen (out of probably gazillions) of links that came up and each gave the name of the practice, the address and the phone number and then each one asked -

"Is this your business?"

I get the feeling I could spend the rest of my life just registering on all of these sites. How necessary are they? Of all the businesses I have ever looked up and gotten one of these pages - not one has ever "completed their information."

Just curious......
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