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Poll idea for framer...

Poll idea for framer...

  • I would not like to have polls on Warped

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PFG, Picture Framing God
Can POLLS be moved to the Warped forum? Who would like to see it available?

framer, I don't even know if this is possible,, but, if enough of us would like to be able to do it, maybe there is a way.

The King

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
I love the possibilities of the new polling function. It takes some effort to set up a useful poll and you can't edit the specifics of the poll once it's posted, so, once the novelty wears off, I don't expect it will be overused.

Many Grumblers start a topic with the intention of gathering opinions. Because we're such a free-thinking - or maybe confused - group, the original intent frequently gets lost in the ensuing flurry of responses. Multiple-choice polls would force the responses to remain on-topic, though people could comment, as I am here, on the topic outside of the poll itself.

Many, perhaps most, polls may be better suited to other forums. The instant messenger poll could have been on the tech forum. ArtLady asked about a poll on the trade mag forum. If it can be implimented, I think having the poll function available on all forums would be a useful thing.