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PPFA Convention classes

Discussion in 'Grumble Archive pre 2004 Topics' started by Bob Shirk MCPF, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Bob Shirk MCPF

    Bob Shirk MCPF CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2

    The PPFA is advertising a deal and it is a good deal. You can take all of the classes that you want to at the convention in Las Vegas for one low price. I am wondering if you have to pre register for the classes that you want to take if you buy the ticket that is good for all classes.
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  2. Jim Miller

    Jim Miller SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    Oh, yes. You must pre-register. And don't wait. The established classes (and even some new ones, such as Bob Carter's) fill quickly. At every trade show, there are late-comers disappointed because the classes they hoped to attend were sold out before they registered.

    Even in lecture-only classes there are practical limits to class size, usually based on (A) The amount of student/instructor interaction & open discussion, and (B) the sizes of rooms available.

    Long before the events start, organizers have to schedule the available rooms to accommodate whatever numbers pre-register, plus their best guess of on-site registrations. And you know the organizers would rather sell out a small room than have a bigger, more costly one half full.

    PFM has an all-you-can-schedule deal at their shows, too. A few high-demand classes are limited or excluded from the bundle price because they would fill too quickly.

    I think all the other trade shows offering education have some kind of deal, too. And you're right, the all-you-can-schedule education deals are an excellent value.
  3. EllenAtHowards

    EllenAtHowards PFG, Picture Framing God

    I was going to remind to you to be sure to sign up for mine, but then I thought how hysterical it is for your to take my classes by both of us flying to Las Vegas, when we live an hour apart! (But then I only teach for PPFA and I have no gigs for the east coast yet in 2004!) So travel 'around your elbow to get to your thumb' and see you there!
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