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Print Mount Hot Shot 40x60 Vacuum Press Need manual for wiring plug


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I lam ooking for help with a 40x60 print mount hot shot vacuum press I believe it is the original version of this press. I purchased it used and the original owner removed the male plug that powers the heating element for his new press. The wiring on this machine seems to be 14/4 which is a little odd as the machine draws 18 amps and # 14 is rated for 15 amps! I did manage to contact the owner of the company about two years ago and he confirmed that was the correct factory wiring. That said I just need to confirm what the correct male plug is to go to the wall outlet. I'm having my new work space wired and need this information to wire the circuit for the machine correctly with the proper amperage wire and breaker and the correct plug. ( i dont have the manual for the machine. ) I have attached a photo of the unit I have if you or anyone knows this information or has a manual for this unit I would be grateful for any help getting this figured out so it can be wired correctly!

Thank you,
John Hurley


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