Prints On Oil Cloth


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Customer has an antique print on something that might be oil cloth. Seems like dry mounting might not work, but don't know what would. Have you ever worked with such a critter. Thanks.
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Drymount and antique in the same sentence is not good! Lol

If it is on cloth, I’d sew it to a background.
Size? Condition of print? How old?
Not here right now, but maybe 18 x 27. Circa 1900. Good shape, but it's been folded a long time, so has cross-section lines.


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Never worked on such a beast, but I know of what you speak. 🙂

To flatten it, I would try weighting it down for a few days. It probably won't smooth it out completely.

I would be very reluctant to stick it down to anything, but if the customer agrees I'd have a go.


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Also reluctant to apply any heat to the piece, so ironing would be out.
Passive mount is safest.
Agree with sewing.


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I have mounted a few of these. They are usually paper that has been glued to linen or some other flexible cloth. These were field maps from the mid to late 1800's, and because they were durable, they are sometimes the only copies that survive. I treated them as I would a poster mounted on linen. We have a number of them in our local courthouse.

Usually, with a few stitches at the top and a decently spaced mat, they hold up well as long as the customer hangs them and leaves them alone. Theyhave usually been stored rolled, so there aren't too many creases. I have held them under weight for 6 weeks or so, and then they were reasonably flat. They are usually heavy enough that gravity actually makes them look better over time.

Occasionally, there is a fussbudget that wants something perfectly flat for decorative purposes. (I may be cynical, but suspect taxpayers are still ultimately footing the bill). I scan and print them and return the original to the archive and everybody is happy. And since I have the digital file, it easy to produce duplicates of popular maps.