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Problems with Acrylic


Grumbler in Training

Has anyone noticed in the last year major quality issues in Acrlyite OP3 and Tru-Vue Optium? I am cutting through sheet after sheet around, what appear to be, "drip" marks or pockmarks. Almost every sheet recently has this problem to some extent. Am I the only one noticing? Also so far as the Acrlyite is concerned I'm finding stripes of clouding that can only be removed by soaking the OP3 in De-Solv-It for 30 min. It's starting to really become a drag on productivity, labor costs and material costs. Anyone else experiencing this?
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WOW Framer
I have a bad box of Optium Museum right now. Straight out of the box, had flaws in the finish that we had to cut around. Bummer, especially when it costs so much.

Larry Peterson

PFG, Picture Framing God
I haven't had a problem with OP3 or Optimum but have had an issue with FF3 lately. The long factory edge is extremely rough on the 48x96. Looks like it was cut with a very bad blade or a non-plastic blade. Since my online customers insert their item themselves, they see the edge and it's too rough to be acceptable, so I'm forced to trim about 1/8" or so from the factory edge.

Not the biggest problem in the world but it's one extra cut that wastes my time and gets the blade one cut closer to a resharpening. No edge problems with the other Acrylites or the TruVues. Actually the opposite problem with TruVue OP3P99; the edge is almost polished so it looks different than a finely cut edge.
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