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Question Quietest Chop Saw

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Besides my main shop in industrial area I have small shop at home. Neighborhood is always quiet. Please tell me what you think is the quietest chop saw available. Not high end please as limited funds. Appreciate all ideas.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
I second a chopper for quiet.
But you did ask about saws..
One that is not running........just to be funny!~

In saws you get what you pay for good luck.
I think my EM12 Pistorius is 50dB expensive and my rockwell miter saw is 60dB inexpensive.
Anything running an 80 tooth blade at 6000rpm is going to make pretty much noise. I don't think any saws give a dB rating. If you hang cloth on the walls that will baffle the sound some.
Not sure there is an answer out there unless you ask everyone to take a sound reading on their saws with a sound app. like I just did.
make model dB


"Appreciate all ideas"

Have you considered lining your workshop walls with cork? it's cheap and cheerful and helps deaden sound. There are probably better materials available these days but cork did the job for me many years ago.


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Your money probably would be better spent on sound control. Be careful to check the fire rating of any sound insulating materials, particularly if your home shop is in or adjacent to your home. Some of the foam-based materials might kill you in even a minor fire.

If you are venting your dust extractor to the outdoors, be mindful that sound will carry through the ductwork to the outside.
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