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Regis blames BBs for chain closing

Discussion in 'Picture Framing Business Issues' started by -S-, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. -S-

    -S- CGF, Certified Grumble Framer

    Might be of interest to all framers, but for Western Canadians in particular:

    This is a large picture framing chain based in BC. I'm not sure if they operated elsewhere in Canada, but my count for BC stores is 22 province-wide.

    Here is the link with the goodbye/explanation:

    Any indies out there hear about this or see it coming? I know I had some customers come my way asking to match/beat Regis' prices. Also heard a couple of bad stories about art left there getting lost or misused, but it was hearsay. I never dealt with them or any of their associates personally.

    Sad for Regis, but probably good for the rest of us. Unless this is the Horseman called "Strife".

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  2. framermike

    framermike True Grumbler

    Thanks for the info - I had not heard this news but I did notice that the Regis store in Victoria had closed sometime last year. I think that was their only Vancouver Island store.

    I was in one of their Vancouver stores 2 years ago and was surprised by all the "ticky tacky stuff" which was almost making the framing a sideshow; but I thought nothing more of it.
  3. Rockymountian

    Rockymountian Grumbler

    Really sad to see shops close, a few shops in my city have been closing each year, and not as many opening. I have found a bit of a trend here with the shops closing, they are the ones trying to compete with the B/B stores, I think our ways of thinking has to change and start looking at different target markets. Sorry to hear such a old company closing.
  4. Whynot

    Whynot SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer


    And you hope that more framing is left for you? Keep us posted with how much more business you got as result of Regis going belly up. This Regis (didn't knbow of them before) gave probably business to LJ, Roma, Studio and the rest of industry suppliers. I doubt that those suppliers will easily console themselves with your business instead.
  5. -S-

    -S- CGF, Certified Grumble Framer

    I think you misread my post, whynot. Perhaps my closing reference to the apocalypse went over your head ;) heheheh

    I don't know how Regis dying will affect my sales. Might not affect it at all (though I can think of few ways it might -- some negative, some positive). However, I am out of town on other business and met with one framer in another part of the province who has seen increased sales since the Regis in her town went belly-up. Yes, more framing was left for her. (Or so she claims.) That's how I heard about the closures in the first place.

    There was no Regis in my town. I posted as a point of interest to other framers -- a simple offering of information. Is it not a good thing to be knowledgeable about one's market? I learned from framermike's post, he (and perhaps others) learned from mine, so it was worth putting it out there. Who knows? Some framer in some other city might see this as a marketing opportunity. Or a chance to learn from someone else's mistakes. For me, it's pretty much business as usual.

    You bring up a good point about suppliers. No idea what this does to them, and not sure who supplied Regis. Perhaps someone else here does...

    BILL WARD SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    do you suppose it would constitute anything 'illegal' if any you local framer types contacted the closing stores and try to get their customer lists?????????????

    heck of a way to get instant clientel!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Paul Cascio

    Paul Cascio SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Good idea and certainly worth a try.

    Just curious, did Regis never-ending sales like the chain stores?
  8. Turnip

    Turnip CGF, Certified Grumble Framer

    Regis was never known for good quality framing. They were a chain of shopping mall stores. Orders would be taken by staff at the shops, and they would call them into the warehouse. The warehouse would build the frames and pre-cut the mats and send them to the shops. Then, the staff there would cut the mat openings, cut the glass and assemble the whole thing.

    If you had a mat with a fillet, that would be done at the warehouse.
    It seemed to me to be a really complicated way of doing things.

    They were always advertising sales, and were just as "big box" in their attitude as the rest of them.

    And from what I know about the folks that owned the place... well, let's just say I'm not going shed any tears over Regis going under.
  9. Jerry Ervin

    Jerry Ervin PFG, Picture Framing God

    That says a lot.
  10. Bob Carter

    Bob Carter SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    Im going to guess that Regis probably did a ton more framing than most of the competitors; so what's a competitor to do? Say that Regis did lousy work

    We hear about Michael's, AAron Bros, pretty much anyone that does a significant volume

    I can speak with authority that the problem that most mall operators are facing is the incredible increase in operating expenses. I would suggest that even the day they closed, they probably were doing 3-4 times the average competitor's volume. Most mall operators that I know simply close rather than commit to increasing contingent liability; it costs a ton to renew

    I also know several that simply don't care to work for the earnings that most frame shop owners do; that they can find opportunities and employment at far greater rewards than framing

    I will suggest that the days of viability for mall operators are past the glory days and it is far too simplistic that suggest that their windling numbers have much to do with either the quality of their work or their ability to operate

    Remember, for years, Regis was smart enough and skillful enough to be a major factor in their markets

    I have seen many lousy framers and lousy operators go out of business.

    The big difference ws none of them ever got anywhere near the sales levels of Regis

    We have seen many of the prolific posters on this site alone go under over the years

    I don't think it serves any purpose to dissect their abilities
  11. Paul Cascio

    Paul Cascio SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Another notch on the wall. Well, actually that makes one.
  12. Kirstie

    Kirstie PFG, Picture Framing God

    Another point of view: I don't think this last statement is necessarily true. As has been pointed out on this forum a number of times, we need the industry to stay healthy so that our suppliers are able to give us the service, price, and selection we are accustomed to. When this chain closed, our suppliers lost an account. I don't know much about the business itself, but it seems it may have been a major account.
  13. Turnip

    Turnip CGF, Certified Grumble Framer

    They probably did do a tonne more framing than most of the competitors, but it was lousy quality.
    They didn't close down, they went into receivership. One day a guy went around to every store and put locks on the doors.
    They owed a lot of money to everyone and their dog. This I know for a fact.
    Oh, and those gift certificates customers bought as Christmas gifts for their friends and family...?
    Sorry, you're out of luck. They refused to honour them or give refunds after being shut down.
  14. Bob Carter

    Bob Carter SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    Well,Turnip (why don't you fill out your profile), if it was such lousy quality why did they do so much volume?

    And,let's bring up some of the many Grumblers that have gone out of business in the last few years. Did they honor those Gift Certificates? Did they leave any suppliers or customers in the lurch?

    I think it horrible that anyone takes any delight in a business going down

    You seem to decry framing from a centralized location to satelite storefronts as unacceptable. Perhaps you should tell Rob Markoff that

    You are just a tad too gleeful.

    And, Paul, shame on you. Can you imagine someone at Michael's marking another "notch on the wall" everytime an indie goes under

    Provide these people some dignity

    Otherwise, I think we ought to autopsy some of the many Grumblers that are no longer in biz. I can think of about 12-15 without much effort. Fair Game?
  15. Turnip

    Turnip CGF, Certified Grumble Framer

    Does volume mean quality? Volume may mean they made money.
    I never said I was gleeful now did I? I said I wasn't going to shed a tear.
    Do you know anything about this company?
    Did you know the owners?
    It's great that we all have opinions. especially if they're educated ones.

    Let me add that I worked for a short time for Regis in 1995.
    Since being at a different shop, any encounter with a Regis product has been to repair it.
  16. Paul Cascio

    Paul Cascio SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Shame on me for what, Bob?

    My beef with chains, and not just chains, relates to deceptive and unfair trade practices. The bigger and more successful the chain, the more grevious is their offense.

    Let's see how d*mn successful these business are when they are forced to operate in accordance with the laws that are designed to prevent unfair competitive practices and deceptive advertising.

    Every time an AOSF goes down, I will proudly put another notch on the wall. Regis is a small fish in comparison to some chains, but to the poor small independent who had to compete with them, their ill-gotten success was a destructive as that of any other cheater.

    No shame here. Not one bit.
  17. surferbill

    surferbill SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    I have no problem with a central warehouse cutting, joining, matting, and then sending it on to the branch to be fitted. I do the same thing on a much smaller scale.

    Regis must have been doing something right over the years to grow so large.
    I wonder what the real reason was for their undoing?

    Were they a publicly traded company? In my opinion, that is what allows the M's, Hobby Lobbies, and Aaron Bros. to grow so large. If they need more capital to grow, they just issue more stock or raise money with a corporate bond.

    If I or most indies need capital, all we can do is borrow money from the bank.

    PS What's the definition of a banker? Someone who lends you an umbrella, and then wants it back, when it starts raining. ;)
  18. JRB

    JRB PFG, Picture Framing God

    Every once in a while some low price genius will go out of business here in San Diego. I will get his former customers into my shop wanting me to be priced the same or competitive to the former business. The first thing I always say to them is I don't think I want to compete with someone who went out of business.

    There was a guy a few years back who called himself "The Mad Matter", all he sold was custom cut mats. His market was primarily artists and photographers. He would sell a 16"X20" rag mat for around three or four dollars. I still get his old customers in lamenting his demise and wanting me to be priced the same. They claim I would do a whole lot more business. No kidding.

    I gotta agree with Bob though, we should not be celebrating the death of any business, especially in todays economy. There is a thing called the domino effect. A good example of that was during "The Great Depression". When the big guys start going down, will our turn be coming soon?

  19. Paul Cascio

    Paul Cascio SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    I love that line John.

    As for me, I only celebrate when the bad guys drop. I cheered when the Wicked Witch melted too.
  20. JRB

    JRB PFG, Picture Framing God

    Paul, I don't think these people started out to be "Bad Guys". They are probably likable people, just like the rest of us, when you meet them face to face. What they had was either a poorly executed good idea, or a well executed bad idea. In either case, I do not want to even think about the horror of having my business fail. What a nightmare that would be. These people, good idea or bad idea, must be going through just that. They have my sympathy.

  21. Paul Cascio

    Paul Cascio SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    If they relied on deceptive advertsing and/or unfair trade practices to build their business, they broke the law and I have no sympathy. My sympathy would be with those who had to compete with them. If that's not the case, then I certainly hold no ill feelings towrard them.
  22. Jay H

    Jay H PFG, Picture Framing God

    I couldn't agree more. I have a supplier that I like quite a bit and I use quite a bit. If say 4 or 5 framers bailed out on my route, I'm not sure they would deliver to me any more. When I hear of guys in large cities having only 1 or 2 suppliers, that scares me more than anything. I may always view myself as a small shop but I rarely have anything but the largest order on the truck (I look). One supplier I quit using and they dumped the route!

    Your right on, this is a concern.

    Bob, I don’t understand the joy at all either.
  23. PaulSF

    PaulSF PFG, Picture Framing God

    Every time I see this thread title, I think of Regis Philbin, blaming the BB's for something.
  24. surferbill

    surferbill SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    I heard it was Kathy Lee's fault. ;)
  25. PaulSF

    PaulSF PFG, Picture Framing God

    Well, I volunteer to give Kelly Ripa a spanking!
  26. Turnip

    Turnip CGF, Certified Grumble Framer

    Not joy, but rather proof that Karma exists.
  27. Turnip

    Turnip CGF, Certified Grumble Framer

    Uhh... okay.
  28. Whynot

    Whynot SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    If we could we would all be larger businesses than we are today. Small business ment to stay small in purpose is just how we excuse ourself for being less competitive, less creative, less dynamic, less businessminded. It is in business nature to succeed and grow as unique alternative to stagnation and death. Implying that in their aspirations small businesses play upon the rules while largees business don't is pure bulls hit, or naive thinking at best, and as socialist of a view as it can get.

    This theme of us, small, correct and poor business people, fighting (together :)) against large, corrupt, rich BB's is pure populist talk. Besides, how come Paul, this self proclaimed champion of justice, never suspects indi-framers (small businesses) about not playing upon the rules and, for instance, be cheating on their taxes, or misleading their costumers by calling metal leaf "gold" and poly "wood", or making false statements for uniqueness and high quality when most of them seek and buy cheap knock offs that would sell just like (or next to) the the orriginal stuff's price and, by so doing, they vote with their money for low quality and mass produced items?

    Sorry, Paul, but I don't buy your incorruptible stance, your fanatic and biased sense of "justice" nor your phony adversity toward BB's. This is your cheap try to stay in public attention, gain framers' confidence and sympathy in view of attracting followers, contributors or students. Your ad campaign is more vicious in my opinion that BB's every day 50% off pricing. Your joy at larger than indi-framers businesses going belly up is relevant of how little you think of business in general and what a little jealous quantity you really are. Hope that you don't teach business classes at your private academie.
  29. Paul Cascio

    Paul Cascio SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    I'm not surprised that you condone such behavior by large businesses, and fail to acknowledge its impact on the health of our indutsry. I know of no other retail sector where large chains rely on such flagrant and persistent illegal practices to fuel their growth.

    Nor am I surprised that you feel it necessary to attack my business in your posts. It shows your sense of desperation, and illustrates that the high-flying, smarter-than-the-retailer attitude you had about your business a year or so ago, has lost its swagger.

    And when it comes to phoney, Whynot, there is no greater example than you and yours. Would you like me to elaborate?

  30. Dermot.

    Dermot. In Corner

    Businesses are businesses whether large or small…all sectors of business/commerce’s will have small and big players…………if you cannot play on that field you should not be in the game.

    Trying to suggest that a company or business that has grown or was structured as a big operation is to blame for the demise of other business is a very infantile approach to business…anyone who takes this approach to business is in my book operating without any real business plan, or is just sounding off………to gain attention.

    If the best you can do is cheer when a business in you sector goes belly up……..I really think you need to re-evaluate your approach to business.
  31. Paul Cascio

    Paul Cascio SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    I applaud success Dermot, but not when the success is ill-gotten. There are plenty of drug dealers that are successful, including large cartels. While I am certainly not equating them with AOSFs, I do find it odd that our industry as a whole, accepts the lawlessness of our competitors, but would never condone drug dealers in our neighborhood without complaining to the police.

    I've stated many times, that I hold no grudge against a company that has grown as a result of fair tactics, regardless how big and successful they become.
  32. EllenAtHowards

    EllenAtHowards PFG, Picture Framing God

    (I am posting this from a smartphone in an airport in Nebraska... aint technology amazing?) I for one am happy to admit that I dont weep when there is one fewer shop of any ilk in our area. Although I am friends with many framers in our area. I know that fewer slices from the pie means my slice is larger. Things are always changing, and we all try to lure customers from our competitors((and they from us). To pretend otherwise is disingenuous... dont TELL me you arent at least a little glad when another shop in your area closes.
  33. Jay H

    Jay H PFG, Picture Framing God

    It's one thing to say "Hey look a chance to grow" and another to say "screw the scumbags."

    If a town has 5 shops and one goes out of business...the other 4 don't get a 25% increase in business. When a shop goes belly up a great number of their customers just quit framing.

    A friend of mine ran one of 2 Autozones in town. They opened #3 and he had a very slight decrease in sales but not 1/3 decrease and sales recovered in a few months. When #4 opened, again a slight decrease for a few months but not a 1/4 decrease. When they opened another, there was just more customers buying auto parts that weren't before. The very existence of these shops has created demand.

    So this isn't framing I know but I think the same thing could happen in framing. The more shops there is, the more people are framing. The pie is not a finite number and we are all scrambling to get as much of that unchanging number as possible.

    No Ellen I don't mourn the loss of a shop. However it does indicate the health of the industry and that is a sign I wish we weren't faced with. There just isn't much to be happy about when this happens. So if your Regis's neighbor you may make $20,000 more this year but there may be $200,000 worth of framing that won't be done ever. Whats the celebration about?

    Paul, have you become so fanatical that you are now celebrating the closing of a shop you know absolutely nothing about? That has all the fingerprints of a full on hate group.

    Cornel, I have read your last post 3 times and I think I would be insulted if I knew what you were saying.
  34. Dermot.

    Dermot. In Corner


    Please keep it real, I never mentioned drugs, nor do I feel they have any place in the discussion that is going on…….

    BTW I know a little about corporate compliance, my wife though not a legal person has corporate responsibility for a number of key areas with a major international company she works in her roll very closely with the legal team, and has for many years, she is the person that would go to jail if she gets it wrong, needless to say I don’t want her to go to jail so I also take a keen interest in the subject……..

    Some of the suggestions you are making about some of the BB’s in particular one of them are quite questionable, one of the companies (the ultimate owners) that you have mentioned has an exemplary history of corporate compliance…………..what you are suggesting is very questionable, and if you are so sure that they have done something wrong or illegal and if you have knowledge of this wrong doing’s it is your legal duty as a business person to do something about it………..that is your corporate responsibility………….and if you don’t take responsibility for this supposed knowledge you have, it is you that is acting illegally ………
  35. Bob Carter

    Bob Carter SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    Yeah, I do not like it when someone goes down; anybody, not just a competitor

    But, if anyone wants to suggest that Paul and Turnip really believe there wasn't a twinge of glee, then I apologize. But, I may have a lot of faults, but being wrong about this ain't one of them.
  36. Jim Miller

    Jim Miller SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    Assuming your own business could be larger, have you just given your excuse for not making it so?

    Whether you are referring to my business or your own, you are wrong to suggest that staying small on purpose is some sort of deficiency. "...being less competitive, less creative, less dynamic, less businessminded" may be an excuse for a failing business, but those characteristics do not apply to a business that succeeds in staying small purposely.

    My business is actually smaller than it was five years ago, but it is more profitable. Does my smaller business prove that I am less competitive? No. Within my planned market niche, I am very difficult to beat. Does it prove that I am less creative? Certainly not. If my format were simple, more framers would be doing it. Less dynamic or businessminded? Nope. Maintaining and improving profitability is, in my opinion, more important than revenue growth, and it may be considerably more difficult in a declining market.

    I make no excuses for the small size of my business. It is the size I wish it to be, and it is profitable. Your implication that keeping my business small represents some sort of deficiency is simply wrong. It's not a deficiency, Cornel. It's a decision. And so far, it appears to be a decision pleasing to the owner.
  37. Jim Miller

    Jim Miller SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    I have no knowledge of the Regis company and therefore no opinion about the way it operated. But on the face of it, this case looks like a once-successful company that failed to adapt to its changing market. It happens all the time, doesn't it?

    There may have been a hundred ways that Regis could have adapted to its changing market, but did not. I guess it's safe to surmise that Regis failed not because of what the leaders of the company did wrong, but what they failed to do right in reformatting the business.

    A special note to Cornel:
    If Regis had downsized and/or consolidated its operations, perhaps a purposely smaller, profitable Regis company would still be here today.
  38. -S-

    -S- CGF, Certified Grumble Framer

    I will reply more fully to some points later (right now I've got my other baby to look after...the human one) but I just wanted to say I agree with a lot of the things many of you have posted. I disagree with a few. And then there are those poor, dead horses :bdh:

    Regis' loss is going to directly affect some people on this board, but not most of those who have contributed to this thread. Except perhaps in a butterfly-effect kind of way...if you go for that sort of thing...

    Oh, also, there might be at least one opportunity for some framers to benefit (in the short-term, small-scale way) from this whole debacle:

    Checked my mail today when I got back to town, and there was the auction flyer. Kind of odd.

    Oh yeah, if you don't live near Burnaby, BC, you can bid online, but removal is on March 9 till 5 p.m. only.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2008
  39. -S-

    -S- CGF, Certified Grumble Framer

    PS Mwhahaha. Me too, and I wrote the dang line.
  40. JRB

    JRB PFG, Picture Framing God

    Whether you are referring to my business or your own, you are wrong to suggest that staying small on purpose is some sort of deficiency. "...being less competitive, less creative, less dynamic, less businessminded" may be an excuse for a failing business, but those characteristics do not apply to a business that succeeds in staying small purposely.

    Quote from Jim Miller
    "My business is actually smaller than it was five years ago, but it is more profitable.
    I make no excuses for the small size of my business. It is the size I wish it to be, and it is profitable."

    Myself, I will go with a small business if I am interested in making money. The only times I have made any decent money is when I kept my business small.

    I have tried going bigger, all I succeeded in doing was spending every dime I had or could borrow. I have said this more than once on TG, it is one of my favorite Len Aaron quotes:

    "There are only two ways to make money in this industry, and that is either be really big or be really small, God help you if you get caught in between."

    It was very rare, I can not think of one time in my own recollections, that Len's business observations were wrong.

  41. surferbill

    surferbill SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    My name is Bill, and I get a little gleeful, when one of my competitors goes out of business.

    There, I said it, and I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent. ;)
  42. Whynot

    Whynot SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    I wasn't implying any of small framing shop owners specifically, so please don't get mad at me. I was perhaps thinking more of myself because in my case it's sure thing that there was and still is room to grow and I never pushed away that possibility. But, for instances, I don’t like partners, I don't like to be a share holder on my own boat and I organically dislike to borrow money; being in debt simply hurts me too much or, as I put it, it doesn't allow me to get ill or simply die without feeling guilty. Are those smart businesslike attitudes? Nope! Therefore my business is in my own image. Water under the bridge (I don’t charge you for this much ;))

    There are cases when you can't properly manage the situation in a large business environment just as you did when still being a small shop because other people need to be added and chimed in and that is not always offering a brilliant outcome. In this case getting back to smaller/est size business is in fact a good decision because you regain full control, authority and responsiveness with respect to your business, hence more profitable; in fact as profitable as you ever can get. But if you could clone yourself and put a clone of yours in charge with the second shop wouldn't you go for it?

    Small businesses are not having a safe future and no wise employees will ever tie his entire active life to such a working site. They are as good as their owners are and will last only as long as their drivers keep healthy, present, energetic, observant, imaginative, which attributes are sure to become less compelling in time. With other words those businesses are just like all of us; they grow stronger in the beginning and then inevitably get weaker but not before going through a stage of very high brilliancy owing to accumulated expertise. If a small business doesn’t explode fast chances are it will remain a dwarf. In my opinion (and I don't pretend to know reality, but guess it) John and Jim have not heartily chosen to be small, but rather "retired their tired troops" in a position they could defend better. Both had attempted and even functioned for a while at a larger business scale. However, being highly profitable in that last defendable position doesn't speak of market's needs or some special business models, but of how good and brave that individual is at his age when it comes to care and handle business all by himself, which in larger companies is no longer decisive for those businesses need different mentality as well as different skills and managing techniques to become successful.
  43. JRB

    JRB PFG, Picture Framing God

    It is true, I am a little glad, at least part of me is. I do try not to start dancing the victory dance and high fiving everyone I meet. I honestly think a much larger part of me feels bad for the owner of the business. It is something I never want to go through.

    Ellen, you are right though, we all would like to be the last man standing.

  44. Whynot

    Whynot SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    You are Bill and you are getting a little gleefull over your dad loosing his job because it's just fair that he too feels how much it hurts to wish for a bycicle and be getting a new pijama instead as present for Easter. He was pretending to be short of money, now he really is!

    You vented, now you feel better and can go to bed. Don't forget to clean wash your teeth, Bill!
  45. Emibub

    Emibub PFG, Picture Framing God

    Rest assured, you should be very insulted. Cornel takes great pride in insulting all of us. He insists we are scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to find the cheapest alternative possible. In some cases he may be right but who gives a flip. Everybody takes different roads. Most of us are just trying to figure out what our customers want and provide it for them. Cornel wants us to stop that, we need to sell only high end stuff.

    Funny thing is he claims we all look for cheap knock offs in order to fool our customers and meanwhile he stated in another thread that he is going to start a line of imitation gold leaf frames because he has hints that Grumblers would find that more affordable. LOL

    He is struggling just like the rest of us and is full of bluster and bravado when it comes to his own biz. Cornel would have us believe he is flying high with biz without any fear for his future. HA!!!!! The industry is struggling, he is too or at least very aware he better make adjustments. Instead of being up front about it he creates threads about "how different would you be" which was clearly an attempt to steer the crowd to consider a higher end offering so when he is ready to unveil his cheaper alternative we will be only too eager for his crumbs. I mean it did work for that one down on his luck hillbilly framer. It turned his whole biz around. Puhleeeeeeze.

    We are all in this together retailer and supplier alike. we all are looking for answers, none of us want to scrape the bottom of the framing barrel.

    Man, that felt good.
  46. Emibub

    Emibub PFG, Picture Framing God

    I eagerly await Cornel's reply on how gleeful he is I am closing my doors! For some reason that amuses him.
  47. surferbill

    surferbill SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer

    Well, riddle me this, Riddler !!!

    I'm totally confused Batman ???
  48. Paul N

    Paul N In Corner

    It didn't make sense to me either, so Altavista translated Cornel's post into something we can all understand:

    Είστε Bill και παίρνετε λίγο gleefull πέρα από τον μπαμπά σας που χαλαρώνει την εργασία του επειδή είναι ακριβώς δίκαιο ότι αισθάνεται επίσης πόσο βλάπτει για να επιθυμήσει για ένα bycicle και ένα νέο pijama αντ' αυτού όπως παρόν για Πάσχα. Προσποιούταν να είναι ελλιπής των χρημάτων, τώρα είναι πραγματικά! Αερίσατε, τώρα αισθάνεστε καλύτερα και μπορείτε να πάτε στο κρεβάτι. Μην ξεχάστε να καθαρίσετε το πλύσιμο τα δόντια σας, να τιμολογήσεϊ

    Yes, it Greek to me too!:p
  49. Jim Miller

    Jim Miller SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God

    Cornel, I have "heartily chosen to be small", and that fact has nothing to do with age or energy or retiring tired troops. I believe you are wrong to assume that John and I, and others like us, keep our businesses small for lack of ability to make them bigger. Some of us have been there, done that, and would know how to do it again if we chose to do so. If not in framing, then in some other business.

    That said, when it comes to "a position they could defend better", no position is easier to defend than a profitable one -- regardless of size. I'm sure there are a few framing businesses out there twice the size of mine that are less profitable.

    Each of us has a unique story. A busy mother or a professional firefighter, for instance, might operate a frame shop part time. How would you fault them for keeping it purposely small? If picture framing was the limit of my activity, perhaps I would expand my retail realm. However, more than half of my hours are now taken with affairs outside of this shop in consulting, writing, and the endeavor you so disrespect, teaching. I also have "heartily chosen" to expand my work in that direction, with pleasant results, and I'm hopefully a long way from retirement.
  50. Whynot

    Whynot SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer


    You are wrong and envious in all accounts.

    First, I am not happy to see any framer going out of business, not even you. Why? Because the high end is the tip of the frame industry, just like those eisbergs. When the base is melting down is not good for the top either.

    Then I made no secret that I am fighting same war as you do. I had recently mentioned in a different thread that while this February (and I am sure now) was the best ever in my career, in terms of volume, it certainly doesn't feel like it because we work much harder and get to keep less from the dollar we earned. If nothing else, just figure what 1,5 USD for 1 Euro means to me, knowing that a few years ago the situation was somewhat reversed, and my ONLY market so far is the US market. Probably I am doing something good if I keep afloat, right? Failing in your own country when language, connections and the knowledge of the system are parts of your native environment is less acceptable excuse than it would be in my case, right?

    You probably did something wrong if, after taking off and raising you finally are coming down like that. Perhaps grumbling too much is a sign of much time to spare, time that could be used more efficiently than hoping for the best till it's too late to do something. But as I said above, businesses are our own images like it or not.

    I am going to introduce an excellent quality line of metal leafed frames because with the price of gold nearing $1000/ounce not many can afford real gold anymore. But I have room to retreat and adapt one step while offering same excellent quality I am known for. I am not married with gold leaf. As a matter of fact I own no gold jewelry because I am sick of it and it looks to me much like paper would in accountant's eyes. But what is left to you as a defendable position? Rest assured that my metal leafed frames will be equally appealing to my costumers and to some of you, people, and that is a good business decision on my part because it allows me to increase my market where others close their doors at and are unable and opaque when it comes to reinvent themselves and survive in business.

    Again, I am not celebrating over your defeat although I am tempted to believe that it's your make rather than bad luck.
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