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Regis blames BBs for chain closing

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MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Aside from a brief attempt at lighting the mood, I have stayed out of this...but I do feel like I have to say something now.

This thread really perplexes me. The divisiveness and personal attacks just do not help anyone - least of all the people posting them. I know we all are passionate about what we do, and sometimes tempers flare, but come on people - this is your business you are representing on this board. It is not an anonymous forum where you can say anything you want without consequence.

What you say here - and how you say it, reflects on your business, impacts your business, and can either help or harm your business.

Most of us are retailers. Our customers are "out there" and not reading these posts, but our peers are. And we see those peers at shows, we ask them for help to solve problems, and we establish these crazy online "relationships" with other framers. We all admit that we are under siege, why would we disrespect each other so when we really need everyone's help to succeed?

For the few suppliers here, your customers are right here - the very retailers you are talking to. If you are not trying to sell to us, then who? We are the only ones crazy and passionate enough about framing to not only do it all day, but to get on the internet and talk about it all day and night! Why in the world would you want to diss/dissmiss/talk down to/antagonize/etc. this group of people and set them off of your products/services?

This thread is just crazy, and makes the point quite effectively.



Angry Badger
I hope we are all done here because I'm closing this thread. Michael's post seems a good ending point.
Not open for further replies.
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